Home remedies to lower high blood pressure immediately

There are many people who have high blood pressure problems today, not only adults but more and more people wake up in minors. That is why it is important to know what the home remedies to lower pressure immediately.

Lifestyle and diet have a lot to do with this, beyond genetic issues. In this note we will tell you some home remedies to lower pressure immediately, beyond the periodic check-ups that you must carry out with your family doctor if you belong to this group of people.

It is very important to know it, in a present day in which people carry out many activities, have less and less time and stressful situations become everyday. That is why it is not illogical to think that cases of high blood pressure are increasing.

In principle, it is necessary to mention that hypertension is considered when one or both of the blood pressure numbers are greater than 130/80 mm Hg most of the time. The cause may have to do with the consumption of water and salt, the state of the kidneys and the nervous system or blood vessels.

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In general, hypertension is genetic, so if you have family members who have suffered from it, you will surely have to undergo controls. Not to mention if you've already been diagnosed with high blood pressure. However, you may be able to lower the pressure or even delay the moment of the peak if you take into account some tips that we will detail below.

Reduce sodium

If what you are looking for is how to lower high blood pressure immediatelyAlthough it seems obvious, it is necessary to mention in the first place avoiding the consumption of added salt or foods with high sodium content.

While the diet should be controlled by a doctor or nutritionist and it will depend on each particular case, Lean towards the consumption of vegetables and fruits and reducing protein, processed foods and the addition of salt will be key.

Some even choose to start include low sodium salts in your meals to be able to get used to it and gradually stop the salt completely.

This advice is useful not only for hypertensive people, but to improve the heart condition of many people, taking into account that most foods already come with added sodium and table salt is added to that. Starting to enjoy the true flavors of food helps you lead a healthier life.

Water consumption

Although in the social imaginary the Hypertensive person must hydrate, you have to be very careful with overhydration as it can increase blood pressure.

The consumption of water is linked to the functioning of the kidneys and it favors the development of various organic processes, but it is not directly linked to lowering blood pressure.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who consume low sodium water due to hypertension, it is important that you know that, according to researchers from the Argentine Society of Hypertension (SAHA), the sodium contribution of H2o is not enough to raise the pressure.

Avoid stress

If you are looking how to lower the pressure you need to avoid situations that cause stress or anguish.

Although most of these cases cannot be prevented, if you can recognize what things cause that stress and try to take it in another way. For example:

– Avoid doing too many activities per day, you can collaborate since many times it causes anguish to see that you do not arrive with the "thought" or "scheduled" for the day. Focus on priority things and take everything in your time.

-Having little contact with negative and stressed people will also help

– Dedicate at least one hour to doing some activity that contributes to relaxation, distraction and enjoyment, be it physical activity, meditation, a bath with music, cooking, or getting together with friends or family.


The Regular physical activity helps lower blood pressure by approximately 5 mm Hg and 8 mm Hg.

Aerobic activity such as walking, biking, or even running alternated with strength exercises can be key to hypertension. Obviously it is necessary to review this with the doctor who will indicate the correct exercises in each case.

Weight lifting can raise blood pressure.

Limit alcohol intake

While it is considered that drinking Alcohol moderately helps to reduce blood pressure by approximately 2 mm Hg, if you drink too much it can cause the opposite effect.

Likewise, the consumption of alcoholic beverages often causes fluid retention, which is counterproductive for hypertensive patients since the sodium present in the body also accumulates.

Also, it can reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure medication.

Coffee consumption

Many argue that coffee intake is bad for hypertensive people. In this context, it should be clarified that Although coffee raises the pressure, it does so temporarily. But, according to SAHA, a hypertensive person can drink coffee in a moderate way, that is, no more than three cups a day.

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With these tips you already know how to lower urgent high blood pressure at home. What other tip would you add?

Source: US National Library of Medicine.

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