Home remedies to eliminate the smell of cat urine

Cats are domestic animals that easily adopt routines. Reasons like stress or illness will cause them to urinate in an unusual place and not in the litter box or litter tray. The worst that can happen is that this accident finds us unaware, without home remedies to eliminate the smell of cat urine that is so penetrating.

It is important to handle the cleaning procedure because, if it is a territory marking, the cat will reoffend. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the smell completely and isolate or prevent the animal from repeating the instinctive act. It is also necessary to determine if we are dealing with a reflection of its nature or with the symptom of a disease.

Under normal conditions, cats will act as territorial carnivores and they will do their part to make their presence known. Urinating and doing it in a powerful way is part of his condition.

Why does cat urine smell so strong?

The characteristic smell of cat urine is due to degradation by contact with oxygen of the amino acid compounds felinine. This amino acid is linked to territorial marking. It is a precursor of the pheromone that attracts females.

Also, cats in heat that have not been sterilized will spray urine in various places in the house with the same marking function. The felinine, characteristic of felines, increases from 6 months, when the animal begins puberty.

The smell of cat urine is closely related to the protein intake. The higher the quantity, the more the intensity of the smell. The stronger, the more attractive to cats.

Cats are territorial animals that use urine as part of the species' own marking.

Tips to eliminate the smell of cat urine

A sign of a good diet or of the skills of a good hunter will be reflected in the strong sulfur smell of urine. To avoid it at the root it is customary to castrate the cat between 4 and 6 months of age.

However, there are other options to eliminate the smell of cat urine; less drastic and very effective, using home remedies that we detail below.

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To clean the urine spread anywhere in the house

When starting the cleaning day we prepare ourselves with rubber gloves. Then, we use absorbent paper to recover as much liquid as possible that has accumulated on surfaces.

To prepare a mixture that inhibits odors, we combine these ingredients: vinegar and liquid soap. The ratio is one cup of water to one cup of vinegar. With a sponge, we spread the disinfectant liquid on the surface that was sprayed with urine and we waited a few minutes to dry.

Then we pass the sponge smeared with liquid soap over the affected surface. Afterwards we rinse with hot water and go over with a clean cloth. Ready!

How to remove odor from walls and vertical areas

The cat in heat will spray urine from about 12 inches high on curtains, walls, furniture edges, and bags left on the floor. We repeat the procedure described above, but this time we must rub in a circular way on the surface. At the end, the key is to rinse with hot water.

How to clean rugs and carpets

We know it would be best to wash carpets and rugs, but it is almost impossible to do it every time the incident occurs. Therefore, we look for other options, such as making a mixture of water and vinegar in the proportion that we indicate. The ingredients are spread using a sponge on the affected area.

We rinse with warm water and add two tablespoons of baking soda. It is left to act for a few minutes and the bicarbonate is removed with warm water. Finally, we vacuum the mat.

Cleaning the litter box

Let's always keep your litter box or litter box clean. In that sense, let's choose an easy-to-clean model, in particular with a grid that allows us to filter the sand that has been used. By the way, let's avoid sands with strong smells thinking that they will help counteract the smell of urine.

How to prevent the cat from urinating outside the box

Let us never resort to punishment. It is best to study the environment and the habits of the cat. When the routine has changed there is a factor that we must discover and address. We can be in the presence of other nearby cats or something undetermined is causing stress or anxiety.

The cat is not an expressive animal and will do what it wants without apparently giving reasons. If when taking stock of the daily life that surrounds the animal we find that there is no new factor, perhaps we are facing a health problem. A cystitis can be confused with the recurrent urination that the cat makes when marking territory.

As well a urinary tract infection or irritation can cause you to urinate standing up and out of the box. To prevent him from urinating, we must work on the elements that have taken him out of his usual daily cleaning routine.

When choosing the place of the sandbox, let us consider that it is fixed or that it changes only in an extraordinary way. It is very important in the selection of the place of the box that is not in the passage of visitors or strangers. This pet needs established habits and a sudden change can confuse him and lead to out-of-control urination.

Before routine changes, cats can become stressed and a sign will be the stronger smell of urine or the appearance of urination outside the usual place.

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Other recommendations when it comes to eliminating the smell of cat urine

In conclusion, If we decide to have a cat at home, let us provide it with the optimal conditions to live with us., which means creating a space in which to function. From there we avoid exposing them to situations that generate anxieties.

In addition, we must not lack rubber gloves, white vinegar, baking soda, liquid soap, absorbent paper and a flavoring to successfully face the task of eliminating the smell of cat urine.

Avoid sources of anxiety

Other nearby cats, dogs, or noises can disrupt your calm and collected nature. Let's avoid associating the litter box of your needs with an unpleasant event. Let's not try to inject him there or give him a medicine. The cat needs tranquility to excrete and the environment or surroundings must guarantee that condition.

Cats don't like changes

Cats are used to making marks on their usual paths; that makes them feel safe and familiar. Changing the arrangement of objects that they recognize with their body can affect urine marking.

Consider the age of the cat

If the cat is elderly, it may have joint problems and can't use the box like before. Let's consider this option in the event that our old friend is messing up like he never or rarely did.

The smell of cat urine is natural

The smell of cat urine is natural to its condition. Some hormonal and pheromone changes may play a role, but the fundamental thing in the domestic environment is to get them to use the toilet box. This will concentrate the stench in one place and make cleaning much easier.