Home remedies for sore throat that you don't know and that work

The symptom of the sore throat They are very clear, although they can be 'rough'. your saliva descends like sandpaper, each cough it can be quite upset and the only thing you can think about is that the knot that is near your nut disappears and that does not let you live in peace.

For relieve this suffering you must first understand what is the causative: air conditioning, tobacco, reflux of your stomach, a viral infection such as the flu or cold, some unwanted bacteria such as streptococcus …

"In general, a virus is accompanied by other symptoms such as muscle aches and fatigue", Explain Chester Griffiths, otolaryngologist from the Providence Saint John Health Center in Santa Monica, California, to 'Prevention'. If it were a bacterial infection, the ailment would be more focused on the throat and would be quite intense. In addition, you would also have a fever. "Exposure to smoke, inhalation of dry air and reflux feels differently," he explains. Jason Abramowitz, doctor and allergist.

The good news: drink warm tea and suck cough drops or zinc can soothe throat irritation and inflammation that causes such agony it says Brett Eat, surgeon of the University of Kentuky. Still, some of your favorite home remedies they may be masking the pain, but not solving it. If you really want to get rid of it, pay attention.

Gargle and cold

The saltwater It is an excellent home remedy for sore throat because it can Reduce swelling and soothe inflammation and irritation. "Dissolve 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup and gargle every hour or two, "he advises Mia Finkelston, family doctor. While you may have heard that making them with apple cider vinegar has a similar effect, probably You should avoid this tactic.

Avoid sodas, fried foods or oranges and lemons. Also, stop eating an hour before bedtime

"There is no doubt that this product has antibacterial and possibly antifungal properties in laboratory studies, but It is unknown whether or not this translates into help for viral or bacterial sore throat."he explains." In addition, its prolonged use with tooth enamel it presents important problems due to acid, "he adds.

Did you think that drinking something warm would improve your pain? You are totally wrong: You must drink cold things. What do you do when your ankle swells? You put ice on it, right? Well here too. Ice cream can numb the area and soothe the inflammation. If you get tired of drinking ice water, you can eat a polo, but avoid citrus flavors because they could trigger acid reflux and make symptoms worse.

Toothbrush and steam

Believe it or not, this utensil may be perpetuating or even causing your sore throat. The bacteria accumulate in the bristles and any gum injury during brushing injects these germs into your system. As soon as you start feeling bad, throw it away. That is often enough to stop the disease. If you get bad replace it when you start feeling better and being completely fine. That will prevent you from reinfecting yourself.

Fight dry air It is also in your hand. Can buy a humidifier or give you one steam shower. These remedies will return moisture to the environment relieving any discomfort. "The mucous membranes of the nose and throat love this characteristic that helps the vocal cords to calm down and decrease swelling," says Abramowitz.


Skip any acidic food. Reflux, which occurs when acids produced by the stomach reach the throat, is a common cause of a sore throat. That means that anything you do to fan it could make it worse. For that reason, Finkelston recommends avoiding soft drinks, fried foods or oranges and lemons. Further, Stop eating an hour before bedtime.

Saltwater is an excellent home remedy for a sore throat, as it can reduce swelling and soothe inflammation and irritation

Drink herbal teas It can be very beneficial. The turmeric it's the spice that you should definitely Add to your diet. While many studies claim that it has the potential to prevent cancer or brain diseases (although more research is required), its anti-inflammatory powers are proven and can help eliminate pain. You can gargle also with your glass of water and salt.

Also test other infusions If you prefer another flavor. "They have a positive immune effect and help our body fight infections," explains Abramowitz. Recommend choosing a tea with echinacea: It has been shown to help boost your immune system.