High knees: learn how to do the simplest exercise well to improve muscle, heart and athleticism

What could be simpler than walking with your knees high? It is an exercise that will help you tone and reduce the volume of your knees and leave behind that feeling that you dislike so much of seeing your fat knees. But this is not the only virtue of this simple exercise, it can also help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, strengthen abdominal muscles and prepare your body for more demanding activities.

High knees may seem like a simple exercise to perform, but doing a few sets of this high-energy move will get your heart pounding as you you activate your lower body and the core muscles. It also triggers a rapid sweating And it can serve as a warm-up, cardio blast between resistance training exercises, or as part of a high intensity interval training workout.

How to do the high knees exercise well?

It is an exercise that is learned in childhood. Who hasn't walked like a soldier in gym class? But another thing is to do well now. The first thing is to choose a Comfortable shoes that provides good support. Ideally, you should do the exercise in a slightly soft surface. The lawn is perfect, for example.

The next thing to do is to stand tall with your feet hip and shoulder width apart and your arms at your sides. Look straight ahead, push your chest forward, and activate your core muscles. L raise your right knee towards your chest placing it slightly above waist level. At the same time, move left hand up with a pumping motion. Quickly lower your leg and hand. Now repeat it with your left leg and right hand. Alternate each series for as long as you want.

Increase heart rate and burn calories

The high knee exercise is an excellent whole body movement and its benefits are manifold. For instance, increases heart rate and burns calories. It is considered a cardiovascular exercise. Within a few seconds of starting the movement, you will already notice an increase in heart rate and respiration. As you continue to alternate knees and arms, you will also burn calories.

High knees are also also an e calisthenics exercise within most calorie tables. When performed vigorously, this type of exercise can burn about 7 calories per minute. If you do them at a moderate pace, it is not unreasonable to consume between 3.5 and 7 calories per minute.

Improve your muscular endurance

High knees activate the quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and hip flexors, thereby helps improve muscular endurance, balance and coordination of this muscle system. When done within a high intensity routine and with explosive knee drives, they can also improve lower body power.

On the other hand, it is obvious that high knees require the participation of the core or abdominal muscles. This not only makes the movement more effective, but the activation of the core muscles can also help improve your posture. It seems incredible that something so simple can have so many benefits.

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