Hemp, the hemp-based superfood that you drink

Superfoods are still on the podium of the healthy universe and hemp or hemp is one of the most sectors is taking over in the last season. Creams with cannabis, soaps, oils, shampoos … the beauty sector has already surrendered to the charms of hemp but has also been marketed for years in the form of protein powder, hemp seeds, bars or vegetable drink. We tell you everything hemp milk can do for your health and why you should include it in your shopping list healthy.


Hemp fashion

Although it comes from the same plant as marijuana, don't worry that we are not prompting you to sing no woman no cry or do anything illegal, hemp milk is very healthy and it is legal! It is true that hemp belongs, like marijuana, to the Cannabis Sativa family but they are morphologically different and with an amount of THC (tetrahydrocannobiol), a psychoactive component that alters mood and perception, very different. While hemp has very low THC concentrations (about 0.3%), marijuana has concentrations that can range from 15% to 40%, which is why hemp is used for industrial and non-therapeutic purposes or leisure.


Hemp is currently more fashionable than ever. Those addicted to healthy living love it and also everyone who wants to protect and care for the planet since it is used for food consumption as well as for tissues, paper, coatings, cosmetic products … It is a very versatile product that has special interest as a healthy food.


Hemp benefits

More and more people prefer to consume vegetable drinks and if you have already tried more common drinks to find in stores such as soybeans, coconut, oatmeal, almonds or rice, Surely you want to try hemp when you know all the healthy properties it has.

Hemp milk is obtained from hemp seeds and water, It is white and has a nutty taste.


It is a very rich milk in vegetable proteins and essential fatty acids, even more than flax seeds. These healthy fats along with their fiber, vitamins and minerals content make hemp drink a product to consider. It has choline, phospholipids, phytosterols, enzymes and inositol, also contains no gluten, sugar, or soy (or of course lactose) and its cultivation is organic.

This food helps to strengthen the immune system, strengthens hair and nails (you already like it better, eh?), Contributes to cell regeneration, cardiovascular health and bone. Thanks to its iron content, it prevents and treats anemia and fatigue and fatigue. derived from the lack of this mineral. Of course, if you take anticoagulants or have intestinal problems always consult your doctor before taking hemp.

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How to include hemp drink in your diet

Hemp milk is increasingly found in specialty stores and large stores, so you can buy it and use it to consume directly or in smoothies, with breakfast muesli or in stews and pastries. But you can also do it yourself at home.


  • 1 cup hemp seeds
  • 6 cups of water
  • Natural sweetener (honey, cinnamon, vanilla, date syrup …)

Elaboration: Put the seeds and water in your blender or kitchen robot and crush until you get a homogeneous mixture. If you think the drink is very thick and creamy, you can add more water. Add the sweetener you have chosen and shred again. Pass the mixture through a strainer or cloth for vegetable milks and store the hemp drink in a glass bottle in the fridge. Hold perfectly three days refrigerated but do not forget to shake it well before serving. Voilà!

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