Heidi Klum's breakfast: a rather peculiar salad

How about breakfast a salad? Yes, it may sound strange and even unattractive to those early hours. But apparently, there lies one of the Heidi Klum breakfast fitness tricks. The model and presenter has shared an image on her Instagram account in the purest multitasking style. While reviewing the script for 'Queen of Drags', the program where she participates, and between make-up and hairdressing session, we have been able to observe what it takes to be fit.

She commented on it in the publication: "Fresh fruit smoothie and kale salad," she wrote. Two most nutritious dishes that combine the Vitamins and fruit fiber, which we intuit – because of the color of the shake – that they are red fruits, also rich in antioxidants; With the properties of a green leafy vegetable that has many benefits.

Kale benefits

Before putting your hands to your head wondering why someone would want to have a breakfast salad, you have to admit that this one in particular has the most interesting benefits. And is that the kale, also called kale or kale, is known for be very rich in calcium. So much that it contains more quantity than cow's milk itself. Although this is not their only quality:

– Kale also has high amounts of impresincible minerals, the most notable being iron (1.5 mg per 100), potassium (451 mg) or magensium (47 mg). As a curiosity: the kale has more iron than some red meats and more potassium than the one that contains a banana. They call it "superfood" for something.

– The same goes for your vitamin C intake, which manages to far exceed that of oranges, because 100 mg of this vegetable contains 120 mg of this nutrient.


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– And it's not the only vitamin you can boast about, it also has a high vitamin K content (in fact it is one of the foods with more amount of it) and also in beta-carotene that is later transformed into vitamin A.

– And if that were not enough, its contribution of fiber is also interesting: it has approximately 5 grams per cup of kale. And considering how satiating it isIt can be a great alternative for diets that seek to lose weight, as it prevents pecking between hours.

What do you think now of Heidi Klum's breakfast?

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