Healthy tips to enjoy the holidays like never before

It is true that as much as you like Christmas it can be a stressful time, with a multitude of commitments, meetings, dinners, perhaps excessive alcohol, the odyssey of gifts, extra kilos, guilt … you have to deal with many things and many emotions so the best thing not to fall into anxiety and restlessness is to follow an action plan that allows us to enjoy the Christmas holidays with tranquility and harmony. Sign up these tips to live Christmas better than ever.


Planning is the key to enjoying 100% of the parties. Write down in your agenda, or in a DIY planning that you do at home, all the events that you are going to attend these days to be able to better fit the appointments that you have to schedule. Give priority to all those commitments that you do not have to call commitment because you feel like going, those that bring you happiness as Marie Kondo would say. And learn to say no to those who do not make you feel good unless you are forced by inescapable circumstances.

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The same with Christmas gifts so that you do not hurry and end up buying everything at the last minute with the stress and anxiety that this entails. Make the list with the people you are going to give and decide your ideal gift, then you just have to cross out as you acquire them So that the day has come you have everything ready.

Of course all of the above should also be implemented in the Christmas menus. If it is you who will receive at home, and you have to cook, Prepare in advance your list of ingredients and dishes you want to serve, as well as drinks so you have everything under control and prepared for the planned day to be the perfect hostess. Do the same with your party outfits, scheduling in advance the clothes that you are going to wear at parties will give you peace of mind and confidence.


Find a balance

Many times those typical Christmas excesses take our toll for not knowing how to find a balance both in the event itself and in the meals of that day or even that week. If you are going to have dinner with family or friends and you know that you are going to commit certain excesses look for caloric balance by eating less and at breakfast and lunch and doing it depuratively the following days.

You can also find the balance within the Christmas meal itself, taking lighter and healthier snacks such as a varied salad or grilled shrimp and then a portion of the main course. If you are in a restaurant choose light elaborations like a baked fish and some entree such as a salad or grilled scallops for example. Flee from eating fried batters in excess and overly greasy meals, your stomach will suffer the next day and even that same night will cost you fall asleep from burning.


Among the social commitments Find moments to take care of yourself, to relax, to read a book, do some beauty treatment, take an infusion quietly, take a foam bath or do what you like best. Not everything has to be social life, and as Aristotle said in the middle is the virtue.

Don't be too restrictive

It is not necessary to ban certain foods because this tends to create a rebound effect due to the anxiety of restricting that food you like so much. The secret is in moderation. You can drink a glass of champagne or a wine without sinning excessively, and the same with some caloric foods, bread, sauces or Christmas sweets. Eat everything but in small quantities and avoid smoking as much as possible.


Include healthy options as dessert

Desserts are usually the culmination of Christmas lunches and dinners. Christmas sweets, nougat, polvorones, chocolates, cakes etc … There are many recipes for Christmas sweets that you can make at home to have the healthy version of the typical desserts of the time but you can also choose fruit such as pineapple, raspberries or dates to give that sweet touch to the palate with which to finish the Christmas meal with a gold brooch and without the stomach or your figure suffer the least.


Move on!

Intense exercise in isolation these days It has the same effect as doing a miracle diet, the body is not accustomed and is subjected to stress that will give you more problems than benefits. Continue your usual exercise practice, as well as your healthy diet to maintain good health during this holiday season.

Go for a walk, nor force yourself with a different routine because you will achieve the opposite effect worsening your physical health and do exercises that help you reconnect with yourself like yoga and meditation that will also bring you peace and harmony in this busy time of the year.


Try not to change your schedules

Don't forget not to alter your schedules too much, except for the essential days, so that your circadian rhythms are not affected and you can follow your internal clock listening to your body and your needs

The days you have no commitments Try to eat at the same time as always and in the same way you usually do throughout the year. Also lie down and get up at about the same time you usually do, even if you enjoy vacations these days or your work routine or school hours have varied. You can give yourself a light license but do not mismatch your schedules to maintain good sleep hygiene and an optimal biological rhythm. Happy Holidays!

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