Healthy shakes that enhance and prolong the tan

Tanned skin in summer brings a healthy and golden touch that increases the appeal. To get a nice tone, and do not go brown in a few days, you can help your skin from the inside to blow of antioxidant shakes.


Beta-carotenes are pigments that give many foods red, green, yellow or orange color. They are a great source of vitamin A and, as antioxidants, reinforce the immune system protecting the body from diseases and also prevent and repair cell damage caused by free radicals, responsible for premature aging.

Remember that pulp is not wasted food pulp, as in juices, and take advantage of all the fiber and nutrients, so If you are a smoothie lover and want to take care of your skin and get a nice golden tone for a longer time, put your blender to work or kitchen robot with these recipes for healthy milkshakes loaded with beta-carotenes.


Carrot and beet smoothie

These foods, in addition to being great sources of beta-carotene, are rich in minerals that will help you have more vitality and energy, also strengthen your hair and nails and of course protect the skin, promote tanning and take care of the health of your eyes.

Elaboration: You only have to crush in your kitchen robot 3 small carrots (or two large ones) along with a small beet, add lemon juice and voila! Fast, simple and very healthy.


Blueberry and coconut milk smoothie

Cranberries are a very powerful antioxidant and This shake will be your best anti-aging ally of the summer thanks to its high percentage of resveratrol. This antioxidant stimulates keranocytes and promotes cell renewal, or what is the same, will help dead cells to detach as if it were a natural feeling, in addition to protecting the skin from sun damage.

Elaboration: A handful of blueberries, a cup of coconut milk and a little cinnamon, put a lot of ice on it and you already have with you the so-called magic formula of eternal youth and a delicious drink that will help you maintain a beautiful tan and beautiful skin.


Apricot and mango smoothie

The mango and apricot will help protect the skin from sunburn and irritation. Both fruits are rich in antioxidant vitamin C and beta-carotenes, and their combination It will make you look prettier skin, improves intestinal transit and is heart healthy, in addition to protecting bones and strengthening hair.

Elaboration: Shred in your kitchen robot or blender 2 apricots and 1 mango, you can serve it with some mint leaves to give it a different touch. It is a very refreshing, sweet and low-calorie drink, perfect to drink in summer!


Green spinach and lime smoothie

Spinach is one of the foods that should never be missing in your healthy diet and the best way to drink a good amount of them and raw are smoothies. Spinach is rich in beta carotene but also in folic acid and potassium. A very healthy antioxidant cocktail that seasoned with lime juice further enhances its antiage properties.

Elaboration: Take two cups of washed raw spinach, the juice of a lime and a cup of coconut water. You already have your antiox sun shield ready to tan without fear and in a more lasting way.

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