Healthy purposes for 2020

Recently we have been able to see some famous or famous, to whom the Christmas holidays are leaving some extra kilo. What better way to say goodbye to the year 2019 and start the year 2020 with healthy intentions. This can definitely be our year! Almost all people consider losing weight, starting sports, quitting smoking … We are going to give you some ideas from Healthy Heart to help them increase their wellbeing in the coming year.

Don't forget to stop by your doctor to perform controls to prevent disease of the heart, a cancer for example of mom or prostate, to get a flu shot … Control hypertension and diabetes or get a checkup if you have never done so. Check your oral health, you can avoid aches and pains, on time. It's better to prevent than to cure.

Give up smoking

The tobacco increases the odds to have a heart attack, cancer or to die prematurely, among other calamities. Quitting tobacco is one of the best things you can do. It may even save your life in the not too distant future. The main thing is willpower and motivation, but it is best to seek expert help.

There are pages on the Internet, mobile applications or books to leave. There are specialized consultations on smoking cessation where they can help you, and they can also prescribe some of the existing medications, with scientific evidence, to quit smoking. The Champix, which is one of the most used, has been approved to have public funding from January 1, take the opportunity.

Go on a diet

Starting to perform any sport or physical activity It is a most common purpose. Walk, swim, join a gym, etc. Any of the above is a valid alternative if we transform it into a habit. The WHO recommends walking at least 20 or 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace – although if you walk longer it is better – at least 10,000 steps a day. It also recommends that adults devote at least 150 minutes per week to the practice of moderate-intensity physical activity – aerobic – or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week, or a combination of both.

If you are strong and do not suffer any contraindication, you can Start in the 'running'. It can be done with acquaintances, CACOS — walk and run. We alternate a few minutes walking and others running, gradually increasing the running time until we can reach 30 minutes in a row. When your resistance improves, over time you can run the San Silvestre in your area.

If you want to lose weight, What diet to undergo? A quick one like maple syrup, a hyperprotein? The only diet recommended and with results demonstrated by various scientific publications is the hypocaloric diet. That is, reduce the intake of calories consumed daily, reducing fats, sugars, taking less food, drinking plenty of fluids and dividing into at least five daily meals, for example. It is best to consult with a specialist and with perseverance reach our ideal weight goal.

In neighboring countries such as France or the United Kingdom, initiatives such as the month without tobacco or the month without alcohol are being launched. Emphasizing the benefits we can see in our body and our health without these harmful substances. Think that the act leads to habit, habit to character and this to a destination, in this case our well-being. So our first purpose should be to have a positive and optimistic mind. If others have managed to change you, you can do it too! Happy 2020!

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