Healthy fried eggs? Ariadne Artiles knows how to make them

The recipe of a good fried egg It only has three ingredients: olive oil, a fresh egg and salt. But what if we made this trinomial healthy by eliminating one of the ingredients? Ariadne Artiles He has done so and prepares him to continue enjoying this delicacy.

Now that the era of excesses is over and we do nothing but seek the diets with which to recover the pre-Christmas figure this idea is phenomenal to us save us some calories. The best? That is also healthy.

The recipe could not be simpler. It's the same as if you fried it with olive oil, but with boiling water.

In the copy of the publication, the model explains it perfectly, "Fried egg? NO, something much better! Eggs drive me crazy in all its forms but if you can eat healthier without losing its taste better than better. Why do we always make them fried? "Commented Ariadne. And, he is right; the egg is a very healthy food (which you can consume every day and is not very caloric) but fried becomes a food that can not be consumed daily.

"Today I tell you one of my tricks to make an egg without oil. Watch the video! The egg seems fried but it's made in the water. Who would tell us the truth? All my life making the fried egg and it's not bad, they are very good but the water is just as good and is healthier, "he continued. And he gave us the instructions to prepare it in a jiffy.


Put some water in the pan, very little enough to boil. When it is boiling we lay the egg as if we were going to fry it.

It is automatically done and the yolk is at its point!

To suck your fingers. Try it and then tell me! "

Without a doubt, a very easy way to make a Fried egg and save calories. We already know what we are going to have for dinner tonight! How about?

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