Healthy eating and exercise, the perfect combination

To lose or maintain weight in a healthy and effective way, it is essential to take care of food and combine it with physical exercise. And is that lose weight or stay in shape does not require sacrifices in the diet that ultimately are not met, or punish the body with authentic sports beatings.

Unlike, Moderation is the key to maintaining healthy lifestyle habits that will remain in time. Because it only takes a certain order and discipline to do so, below we give you a series of guidelines that will help you take care of your diet, which, combined with some exercise, will be the architects of your success.

Attend to nutritional values ​​to take care of food

Although you don't have to become obsessed, checking the label on which the nutritional values ​​of the food you are going to consume can be described can help you take care of your diet, without having to give up most of the food you eat.

Mainly, it's about eating healthy and not overdoing it with some foods. It involves looking at the amount of simple sugars and fats in packaged products. These are indicated on the label.

Of course, the first thing we have to eradicate from our usual diet if we want to lose weight – or not gain weight – are foods such as industrial pastries or the so-called basura junk food ’. Too It is convenient not to commit excesses with fried foods.

From there, we must moderate the daily intake of foods that provide many carbohydrates, such as rice, bread or pasta. You have to consume them in less quantity, avoid the accompaniment with sauces and, instead, introduce more vegetables and proteins through eggs, tuna, turkey, chicken, veal or pork, among other foods.

As an example, at lunch or dinner, you can guide yourself with a dish. Half of the plate should have vegetables. The other half can be divided into two. One part for foods rich in carbohydrates, and another for protein foods.

Potatoes, immediately associated with fried foods, can be cooked and have much less carbohydrates than the foods described above. Of course, we insist on accompanying them with proteins to satisfy you and limit their consumption.

On the other hand, While olive oil is fat, and fruits contain sugars are healthy and you should not do without them. Between three and six tablespoons of oil, according to the person, is an optimal amount, while for fruits it is recommended to eat a minimum of three pieces a day …

Try not to abuse sweeteners so you don't consume sugars because although these do not contribute calories, instead of satisfying you, they tend to whet your appetite.

Our recommendation is that you avoid eating foods with greater caloric intake at night, as you will need more throughout the day, before playing sports.

But what do we do with snacks and breakfasts?

As before we have focused on the meals of the day that are usually more copious, lunch and dinner, we recommend some option – in addition to fruits – that can help you take care of the food during breakfast or snack, where sometimes' we sin 'with sweets or fatty sausages.

For example, ElPozo BienStar turkey breast reduced in salt and fat free is a great source of protein that is also very versatile because you can also use it in your salads and recipes. If you are one of the people who practice a sport in a habitual way, you can choose the cooked ham ElPozo BienStar + PRO. This cooked ham of the new + PRO range, with 90% meat, is high in protein: it is low in fat, reduced in salt and without sugars. You can also choose turkey breast and chicken breast ElPozo BienStar + PRO.

If you follow these guidelines and are constant, you will surely lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way over time., because you will be able to maintain proper eating habits.

As we insist on maintaining good eating habits, in addition to recommending you to exercise moderately every day instead of running long distances or getting hours in the gym a couple of times a week, On the website of ElPozo BienStar you can find many more tips to lead a healthy life.