Health symptoms that a man should never ignore

We live in such a busy world that sometimes even when we feel bad we find it hard to go to the doctor, because we simply We do not have time. According to statistics, if you are a man you are even more likely to pass the doctor Even though your body is showing you that it needs a revision, you simply think that it is temporary and that it will happen.

But what if not? Our body, despite how perfect it is, sometimes shows us that something is not going well without us having any idea why. Do your neck or back hurt? Do you get leg cramps? The 'Mom' website has decided to list some of the most dangerous symptoms that men should not ignore. In case they are persistent go to your GP.


Obviously, if you just went through a cold, it's more than normal you suffer cough, and will pass. However, if you have been intermittently with her for more than two weeks and without having to go completely, you should definitely go to the doctor.

In general, the two week rule usually works quite well in general, if you have been with a health problem all the time, it is best to go, because sometimes the first warning signs of more serious diseases They start like this, and if you go on time you will increase the chance of survival.

Swollen legs (or feet)

If it happens to you, first of all, the best thing you can do is place them on pillows when you go to bed. Yes in spite of everything swelling persists, the best thing you can do is consult a doctor. Edema, which is the medical term for inflammation and fluid retention, can be a sign of a number of health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer

Chest pain

Actually, this pain is a sign of a long list of health problems, and not all are serious. Despite this, if you have acute pain, whether in the chest, arms or upper abdomenBe careful and watch it. It could be a symptom of coronary block, heart attack or pulmonary inflammation, among others.

Use the two week rule: if you have that time with any problem of any kind, it is best to make an appointment

And speaking of a stomach ache, if you just ate and gave yourself a good feast, there may be a reason, but if it is something persistent or recurring it could have more to do with something chronic, such as Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome or a hernia.

Blood in the stool

Intestinal or rectal bleeding may be a cancer sign or some other serious health problem. If you observe something like that you should not wait until it disappears or leave it for later, but go directly to the doctor.

Skin changes

Polka dots, spots, bumps? The first signs of a health problem often appear on the skin. All of them can be indications of something more serious, like a melanoma. It is not just a symptom of aging in some cases and should not be ignored.

Persistent fatigue

Being sleepy all the time is not just a sign that you are overworked. Persistent fatigue is a symptom of a wide range of health problems, such as not getting enough sleep, depression, heart or lung problems, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or even certain allergies.

Canker sores

Few things are as painful as mouth sores that, however, we have had practically everyone. Not all are benign and you have to be careful with them. Some are symptoms of health problems, from a bacterial infection until cancer. Again, if they do not disappear, it is best to be treated for prevent them from spreading.

Frequent fever

It is the way in which the body fights infections, but if they occur frequently or by longer periods of time, that fight has become difficult for the body to handle and should not be ignored. Frequent fevers they can be a sign of some cancers or a serious virus, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, rapid weight loss, fatigue and unexplained pain.