He suffers depression. How your girlfriend helps you cry with emotion

The Depression it is undoubtedly the evil of the century, a disease that affects more than 350 million people in the world and who knows no ages, genders or social classes. The help of specialists It is essential to combat it, as well as that of those who are nearby, and the struggle to make it visible it must also be a maximum to fight her and eradicate your topic condition taboo.

Returning to family, friends or the sick couple, you need to understand how much of necessary is your presence and your support so that he does not feel alone. Perhaps, therefore, this recent publication of an American boy named Richard Walker has touched the fiber of many people and has gone viral, because any effort, however small, may mean a lot.

Someday we will live together, when I think about that it always makes me smile

Walker indicates that he has seasonal affective disorder and that his girlfriendSasha Gardner It has helped him in a quite original way to cheer up. "My girlfriend knows that I suffer from depression, she parks, and to help me a little she has left me with strange messages at home to make me smile. A week ago she had to and I still find them in the most unexpected places. I open thread, "Twitter account.

Maybe for someone else it would be weird to bump into a note in the fridge that remind you to eat healthy, or with another that assures you that he loves it when you do bigger watersbut for Sarah anywhere is good and Walker recounts on Twitter It takes days without stopping to find all kinds of messages. "Someday we will live together, when I think about that it always makes me smile," or "you give flavor to my days"in the spice boats.

Richard and Sasha have been dating together since 2018 and both are from Kingston, Jamaica, however now he lives in North Carolina, so they maintain a distance relationship today. On her last visit, she left enough notes to read for a whole week, and it has been. "It's not the first time he writes me notes like this," he explained in a recent interview in 'Best Life', "but before he did it with shopping lists, what happens is that he knows that seasonal disorder affects me a lot and That's why he does it. Is very creative".

"He left me a note on himto bed reminding me I was not alone, because at night he usually gives me the downturn, "he explains."That made me cry, I felt loved. "Some made him laugh (like the stool or the fridge) and others moved himThere were also some surprises, but undoubtedly his favorite was the one that predicted a future together, when both have overcome the distance and can live together.

The thread has had 50,000 retweets since it was published on July 15 and many people have could know your beautiful love story. But for them that is not the most important thing: "I'm glad we can shed some light and help even a little to others who have mental health problems, "he said." We hope this message serves to bring a bit of positivity to the world, especially in difficult or discouraging moments, such as those we are used to seeing daily"he explained.

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