He seeks help for his wife in a vegetable state and dedicates his life to caring for her

To love is to care, and that is what David Cesar does with Bruna de Sousa. Learn about the story of this young Brazilian.

Last update: September 01, 2021

There are situations that turn our priorities 180 degrees. Life can change us in a matter of seconds, and something that proves it is the story of the Brazilian Bruna de Sousa, a 26-year-old girl who is currently in a vegetative state and who is cared for by his partner. Learn how the dynamics and living conditions of this marriage were transformed.

Man dedicates his life to taking care of his wife

David has spent two years struggling every day to provide his wife with the care she needs. In the most surprising way, Bruna had seizures while spending time with her partner watching television. What started as a discomfort, in minutes turned into a serious diagnosis.

In the words of David Cesar for the site Reasons for Accreditation, the state of health of his wife had a radical change. “In a matter of 3 minutes, he lost all vital signs. We ran to the hospital, after 25 minutes they managed to revive her, but she was without oxygen for a long time, "he said.

Finally, everything would have been a cardiorespiratory arrest, a condition that left permanent sequelae in the patient. Some of the consequences of this are mental alienation, added to the fact that it is fed by means of a probe. However, the condition did not intervene in the most basic functions of the nervous system.

The problem is that those who suffer from this disorder are not able to perceive what is happening around them or in themselves. For this reason, Bruna requires full-time care and David is the one who has taken care of her since 2019, when it all began.

Home care and specialist intervention

Although Bruna de Sousa remains at home being cared for by David Cesar, the review and studies of the specialists is very necessary in her case. This is how it has maintained itself over time, receiving the support of doctors and with expensive drug treatments.

To purchase this type of medicine, Bruna's husband has raised funds, an approximate sum of $ 28,000, since he is practically unemployed to be able to care for her at home. While living on financial donations, the patient's volunteer attorneys are working toward her retirement.

But besides this there is a clear goal: to get a drug made in Canada. And it is that according to the research and collaboration of a group of neurologists, they found this positive alternative for Bruna's health. It would require 3 years of treatment with this option and, additionally, go to physiotherapy to obtain significant advances.

Currently, David Cesar would be focused on raising around $ 19,000 to pay for Canadian treatment that promises a better quality of life for his wife. Hundreds of families in the world go through similar situations, they fight and do everything possible to help and care for those who suffer from any disease, disorder or condition. It is up to us to decide to support whoever we can according to our ability.