He overcame loneliness by opening a swimming pool for the children of his neighborhood

A nice gesture of kindness helped this grandfather overcome loneliness. Discover the story in this article!

Last update: August 27, 2021

Keith Davison, an American grandfather, had his life changed in 2016. This, because an aggressive cancer took away his soul mate that had accompanied him for 66 years.

At that moment, he felt that he had lost the cane that held him and filled him with fullness. Furthermore, he believed that all of his surroundings had been turned off and lacked any slightest spark of joy.

Because of that, During the first months, he began to complain constantly and to take refuge in alcohol. However, he realized that this rhythm of life was only going to worsen the situation and cause deterioration.

Because of this, he understood that in order to regain strength it was necessary for his house to once again have moments of distraction, movement and happiness. A] Yes, decided to come up with a novel plan.

The revival of Keith Davison

The 94-year-old grandfather made the decision to build a large swimming pool in his backyard. Later, decided to invite all the children in the neighborhood to use it for free for as long as they wanted.

Photo of ABC10.

Since then, his house lives full of children who decide to go have fun in a safe place that was built with love. In addition, Keith has managed to be surrounded by one of the sweetest and most sincere companies.

The only condition that exists in Keith Davison's pool is that children attend accompanied by a family member. This, with the intention that together they feel safe and live unforgettable moments that they can always remember.

Photo by ABC10.

In addition, today Keith Davison recognizes that he has a great family that has saved him from his moment of crisis. Well, point out that children became one of his most important bonds.

In doing so, the community has recognized Keith as the new grandfather of all children. "He adopted them, they are his grandchildren", concluded Jessica Huebner, one of the neighbors who has most supported the cause.

Photo by ABC10.

What actions to do to overcome loneliness?

Loneliness is a feeling in which the person feels that they do not have a support that listens to them and gives them moments of happiness. This negative emotion is very common in people who lose a loved one, such as Keith Davison did.

There are some actions that people can take to help others overcome loneliness. First, it is essential not to say any criticism, because the idea is to remove the feelings of guilt.

In addition, it is important to show them that there are more people they can count on. That way, they find a way to vent and feel a little better as the days go by.

Finally, It is ideal to talk about pleasant topics, as these help to awaken positive feelings. Thus, the person can find the strength to re-increase their self-esteem.