"He chose me as his father": he assumed custody of his ex-partner's son

A child recognizes a person who is good for him and is willing to open his heart to him. Discover a moving story in this article!

Last update: September 29, 2021

Starting a relationship with children is not easy, since their acceptance is not always the most optimal. Nevertheless, there are cases in which the opposite occurs and the bond that is formed is unbeatable.

This is what happened to Gonzalo Egas, a man who had a five-year relationship with Wilma González. At that time, the woman was already the mother of a small and he was always willing to support her in whatever she needed.

In addition, Gonzalo provided sincere love and company to Noah, Wilma's son. That way, the relationship between the two started in the best way and with the passage of time it grew more and more.

So much so Noah decided to name Gonzalo after his dad. This because he felt that he was the person who supported him, gave him affection and was there for him at all times.

Because of this, Gonzalo accepted the child's decision and was encouraged to take custody. What's more, He fulfilled his dream of becoming a father and having the best of companies for the rest of his life.

A decision that had no drawbacks

In view of the comfort that Wilma detected that her son felt with Gonzalo, she never interfered in the decision despite having ended the relationship. On the contrary, she was always willing to provide them with spaces so that they could continue to be happy together.

Apart from this, he always thanked Gonzalo for the care he gave Noah from the first moment. Thus recognizing that the man really deserved the label of dad because he had been key in the development and well-being of the child.

Thus, Gonzalo became so important in Noah's life that at no time has he been willing to be away from him. That way, Wilma reconsidered the idea of ​​leaving the country just so as not to affect the bond between father and son.

In addition to custody, Noah told Gonzalo that he wanted to carry his last name. In this way, paternity is already fully processed before the legal authorities.

"It was Noah's decision, he chose me as a dad himself"Gonzalo Egas said before the media that released the story.

For that reason, today the link is more valid than ever. Then, Noah asked them the favor of living a week with Gonzalo and another with his mother.

In that way, Gonzalo acts as the exemplary and constant father that every child needs to strengthen their self-esteem and have a healthy growth.

Importance of the father

Like the mother, the father is essential for raising a child. This because of It provides security because the child recognizes that there are two people they can trust unconditionally.

The father is also vital to transmit positive values ​​to a child and teach him about life. Because of this, he becomes one of the most important role models.

Parents can be interpreted as an authority figure. As a result, Children can grow up being more disciplined because together they can be taught the actions that are good for them and those that are not.

Lastly, a parent strengthens children's emotions. Then, She is always ready to give affection, support, trust and is a selfless listener.