Have you heard about menstrual extraction? It can make you end up in the hospital

Social networks always discover extravagant tendencies that become viral overnight. From tests to 'challenges' that leave us speechless and make us ask 'why' out loud as a prayer.

Well, the latest 'fashion' shared on social networks will make you want to read twice what we are going to tell you, because we must admit that this crazy (and dangerous) trend we did not see it coming …

When we thought that women began to live their menstruation in a free way with the arrival of the menstrual cup and other less invasive methods, we discovered that there is a group of women who are aspiring her menstruation with the aim that it lasts less time.

This "menstrual extraction" is done literally with a vacuum cleaner for domestic use and has caused hundreds of users in social networks to be scandalized. And, the method is not only strange, but it is also highly dangerous to health. A nurse who has seen several cases, has taken Twitter to warn that not only is a practice without meaning, but can also cause many health problems.

"Girls … please stop using the vacuum cleaners to try to get your period to end sooner, you'll end up sucking more than blood." This week we had two cases in the hospital and the two women who did had to be admitted, so Please, please stop. "

Carrying out this practice all you can get is an infection and severe vaginal lesions, so if your intention is to finish the period before … do not do it, it's not worth it. Under no circumstance.

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