Have you always thrown watermelon nuggets? Very bad, because they have countless benefits

When we talk about watermelon, its benefits are countless. To lose liquid, as a draining food … the quintessential fruit of summer is a perfect option to gain health. It is 95% water, so it is a source 10 of hydration. It is satiating, diuretic … in short, it serves almost anything. As a dessert, in salads or for gazpacho, you have to have at least half in your fridge. But did you know that pips also have properties?


Amino acids

The seeds contain arginine, glutamic acid, tryptophan and other essential amino acids that the body does not produce by itself. These amino acids have their own benefits, such as arginine, which can improve metabolism, sexual health and cardiovascular health.


100 grams of watermelon seeds can provide 139% RDA magnesium. This mineral helps with cardiovascular health and normalizes blood pressure.


Lycopene is an antioxidant that has many benefits for the organism, even when compared to those of red fruits.


It is rich in Vitamin B, so that a slice of watermelon contains the same properties that could provide food such as fish, chicken, beef, eggs and dairy products.

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