Have you always believed that olives get fat? According to Carlos Ríos, we are wrong

We know what happened to you. You sit at the table of any bar and when they serve you your sparkling water with lemon slice included (#modorealfooderOn) by magic, they appear: there they are, watching you. A plate of olives, an absolutely appetizing pint that makes you eyes. Do not try it, because you have always been banned in all calorie restriction diets you have done, but you feel like it. I really want to.

What if we told you that you have lived wrong all your life? The olives do not get fat, and we don't say it but the nutritionist Carlos Rios.

The creator of realfooding method recently uploaded to his Instagram account a publication that belied this widespread myth.

In the post he explained: "Olives do NOT get fat, olives contain 115–145 calories per 100 grams, relatively few. To give you an idea, ultra-light “light” type cookies are usually around 460 kcal per 100 g. 62% of the olives is WATER, "said the nutritionist. Yes, we can say it aloud: we have been deceived. And also, he continued, "However, the interesting thing is in their fat, yes, in their good calories (because not all calories are equal). The main fatty acid of olives is oleic acid, related to several benefits in prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases. This fat is accompanied by vitamin E, fiber and a series of healthy phytonutrients. "

Something similar to avocado occurs to olives. They contain fat, yes. But healthy fats essential for the proper functioning of the organism.

What benefits do olives have?

The olives They are a food that helps prevent heart disease and circulatory system. Its contribution of unsaturated fats promotes the exercise of cholesterol regulator functions in the body. It is also a satiating food, perfect to eat between meals as a snack and not fall into insane and ultraprocessed foods. What is the recommended daily amount? Carlos Ríos bets between 7 and 10 to snack between hours in a healthy way.

They contain iron, essential oils omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins A and C, sodium and a great contribution of fiber. You can not ask for more.

The next time they offer you olives, Do not say no.

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