Have the kitchen tidy slimming (and no kidding)

If you are an unconditional fan of Marie Kondo and you follow his philosophy together you will know that getting rid of everything that no longer makes you happy is not only an exercise in physical cleansing, but also mental.

If you do not give joy in abundance, say goodbye without sorrow. That element has no place in your life. This premise can be extrapolated to almost everything in life (love relationships included), but if you apply it to the kitchen, you will not only be able to have it orderly – something impossible by magic, although we would like it – but also slim down. And we are not kidding.

The reason, in addition to obvious, is sustained by its own weight: if you have everything tidy, the sections and tools of the kitchen separated and the refrigerator full of healthy foods that invite you to carry out delicious recipes, you will eat healthier, more varied and you will want to bring a tupper of 10 to work. All advantages for your health, for your diet and for cleaning your home. If we don't convince you, wait: the more you clean your house, the better sex you will have. But we are talking about cooking, that we are going down the hills of Úbeda.

How to start?

First, informing you. Yes, if you want lose weight It is not enough just to do some miracle diet (care that there are some highly dangerous) the important thing is that you acquire healthy lifestyle habitsThis is where the kitchen order comes in, which only encourages these habits. Follow Instagram accounts as Futurlife or Carlos Ríos and get to work. Batch cooking will be your first task: cook on Sundays to have organized meals throughout the week. After this, it's time to put into practice what Marie Kondo always says 'throw away everything you don't need'.


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As it was Amaia Elijah, interior designer at Amai Studio and expert in the Marie Kondo method, order could be the key to achieving good habits, or at least, the goals you want to accomplish.

Get to work

We have delayed it, but it is time to clean. Make a count of all the food you have in the cabinets, leave the refrigerator for the latter since they are perishable foods. Put every thing a place: you can keep them in a closet, dishes and utensils in another place … like this until everything is neat and classified. But above all, that you be aware of the things you have, what you need and what you can do without. No need to throw it, you can donate or give it away, but yes, you must optimize the space as much as possible.

After this, the frigo arrives: put order, as your mother would say. Take it all out, thoroughly clean the fridge and keep the food you need, the day has come to tell you goodbye to the ultraprocessed, this is the basis of cleanliness. If you don't want to throw them away, consume them in a timely manner until there are no more left, but the most important thing is that you don't buy them again.

Make a list of the buy with nutritious, healthy products and with which you can carry out delicious recipes to consume at home or take to work.

Keep in mind some keys For the bread to be successful, everything is to lose those extra pounds and keep your habits healthy over time.

Really clean: that is, prioritize food and keep in mind that the ultraprocessed are not healthy under any circumstances. Products high in refined sugars, flours and insane substances should never be the basis of your diet.

Choose well: When you go to the supermarket for the things you need, keep in mind that at least 50% of your diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, and there should always be protein in every meal. Either meat, fish or legumes.

Fats are not bad and neither is sugar: the fats and sugars naturally present in food are not harmful to health, as long as they are intrinsic to them and not added.

Be aware of what you eat: If you eat healthy, rich and appetizing every day, the times you commit excesses will be because you choose it consciously, and nothing happens to do it in a timely manner. For example, in the method of 'realfooding' 10% of ultraprocessed in the food is allowed, so when 'you pass' you will do it without guilt.

You sign up? We already have a plan for this afternoon. And, there is no one wiser than Marie Kondo. If it is no longer useful, throw it away. Amen.

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