Have a gin and tonic under the water, a brunch to celebrate San Isidro and an open bar of vermouth: three gastro plans for the next few days in Madrid

The bridges are the best time to make plans and enjoy (a little more) our rest days. And even if we don’t have much more free time, we can always face it in another way, going to that restaurant that we have been targeting for centuries or looking for innovative and unforgettable experiences. The possibilities in Madrid are endless, but if we have to choose the gastro plans that we want to carry out in the next few days we are going to keep three.

Because who could resist taking a gin and tonic under the water surrounded by sharks? And to do something as Sunday as going to brunch on a Monday? Not to mention the charms of one of the coolest gastro events, such as vermouth and even more so if it’s also free. You want to know more? Well, read on and grab the agenda, because you won’t want to miss anything.

The new limited edition of Hendricks, with botanists from the Scottish coast. / HENDRICKS

If yours is a combination as crazy as gin and sharks, we have your plan. Because Hendrick’s innovates again and on this occasion bets on the sea as the protagonist, inviting us to immerse ourselves in an underwater pub! There we can taste Neptunia, its latest limited edition release, which has been made with botanicals from the Scottish coast, infused and masterfully assembled, resulting in the most refreshing gin seen so far.

And to prove it, what better place than Hendrick’s Neptunia Pubmarine, which will be located, for just one day, in an aquarium in Madrid. It will be next Wednesday, May 18, when the bravest are invited to enter the depths of the sea to taste the gin containing the magic of the sea. If you are one of the adventurers who wants to enjoy this experience, you can participate by mentioning in this Instagram post who you would take to the bottom of the ocean.

The terrace of Santo Mauro, prepared to celebrate San Isidro. / Santo Mauro Hotel

For those seeking more gastronomic and relaxed emotions, the Hotel Santo Mauro offers us a long, traditional and tasty weekend. Because in the garden of this beautiful 20th-century mansion where there will be no shortage of music, carnations and wafers, we can enjoy a three-day menu inspired by traditional dishes of San Isidro. Tripe, torreznos, squid sandwich, crispy oxtail, Russian salad or rooster crests in pepitoria are some of the tapas that the kitchen commanded by Rafa Peña offers us and in which, of course, donuts will not be lacking.

In addition, in the library on the terrace, only on Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy welcome appetizers, petit fours for dessert and off-the-menu suggestions inspired by the traditional gastronomy of San Isidro. And if you thought that brunches are only for Sundays, be disillusioned because the acclaimed Santo Mauro brunch dresses up as a chulapo with traditionally inspired off-the-menu dishes, so that your biggest problem next Monday is having to choose between some corns a la madrileña or some Benedictine eggs.

Makkila’s vermouth, ready for us to start the weekend. / makila

The last proposal that we did not want to miss for this festive weekend is that of one of the fashionable places in the city, the Makkila, which is now committed to vermouth time to get together with friends or family, help us disconnect and whet our appetite. On the terrace or at the bar, from now on in any of its five locations we can enjoy a new appetizer menu every weekend between 12 and 2 p.m. In it we find very traditional proposals such as torreznos, tortilla of potatoes, the snails Madrid style and, of course, the squid sandwich.

To inaugurate this special and tasty moment, all those who come to have an aperitif at the premises of Fernando VI, Serrano and Príncipe de Vergara on Sunday, May 15, will enjoy a open bar of the best selection of vermouths, among which are Canteo. An artisanal distillation infused with oranges, honey and Basque piparras, which give it a spicy touch, enhancing the most sugar-cane and chulapa essence of Madrid.