Hatha or vinyasa yoga? Find out what type of yoga is best for you

If you are a beginner in yoga, you have probably wondered what modality to choose to start with. Whether you are looking for yoga as a relaxation weapon or as an aid to lose weight and stay in shape, the truth is that you are on the right path. What happens now is that double bifurcation: take the path of hatha or follow the path of vinyasa yoga? Actually, it all depends on your goals and fitness. That is what your choice will mark.

Hatha and vinyasa yoga share many postures. In their own way, each emphasizes the conscious and controlled breathing to help you relax while improving your fitness. The biggest difference is in the different intensity. But remember: you will always try both and see which one is the best for you.

What is hatha yoga?

With hatha yoga, you move your body slowly and consciously into different postures that challenge your strength and flexibility while focusing on relaxation and mindfulness. It places special emphasis on breathing and control of your body. Develop the central force, key to good posture, is another important aspect of this type of yoga.

Research has shown that hatha yoga has a wide variety of benefits: r reduce stress and the symptoms of depression, provides muscle and joint flexibility, strengthens the central core … It is a type of yoga very complete at all levels and is ideal for beginners.

What is vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga proposes an approach characterized by move from one position to another directly. It has a lot to do with the call ashtanga yoga, although the difference is that the sessions of this last type of practice follow the same pattern of postures at all times and in the case of vinyasa they change according to sessions.

Thus, in vinyasa it is usually passed from one pose to the next at the discretion of the teacher. This transition is coordinated with your breathing. It is done specifically by exhaling or inhaling and gives you the feeling that it is your own breath that moves the body. An intense vinyasa session can be quite a physical challenge to the point of being considered a great cardio, endurance, and strength workout. Obviously, it also works on stability and physical and mental balance.

The main differences between hatha and vinyasa yoga

The key is in the rhythm and intensity. He the vinyasa everything moves at a faster pace and requires greater control of breathing. In that sense it is more demanding than hatha yoga. Because it is done more slowly and the postures are held longer, hatha yoga allows more stretching. You could say that vinyasa is more cardio and hatha works more flexibility.

Thats why he hatha will be perfect for you if you start in yoga, you do not have a basic physical preparation, you want to prioritize a reduction of stress and you prefer a slower and more relaxed pace. For his part, you’ll love vinyasa if you’re already a little familiar with yoga, you have a certain physical level, you like to work out cardio and you are looking new challenges.

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