Hardy plants that don't require much care

For those who live a busy life or always travel, gardening can become a cumbersome job. Therefore, in this article we will share a series of resistant plants that do not require much care.

Plants fill your home decoration with life and color. In addition, they offer multiple benefits, such as air purification, stress reduction and contribution to caring for the environment. Keep reading and learn more.

15 resistant plants for indoors

Most indoor plants are characterized by coming from tropical and subtropical climates. Therefore, they do not withstand winter seasons outside and adapt to closed environments.

In general, they require that the irrigation water be at room temperature and have an occasional rotation of the pot to balance the arrival of light to all its parts, as stated in the "Practical Manual of Gardening". Meet 15 resistant plants that do not require much care for the interior of your home.

1. Cactus

Cacti are the favorite plants of those who do not have time to do a lot of gardening tasks. They do not need pruning and do not require constant watering, although they do need to be in a bright place.

In hot climates or summer season, one watering per week is enough. In cold climates and autumn-winter seasons, one watering per month will be enough. One of the most beautiful species is the Mammillaria, which has red flowers.

Cacti are optimal for home interiors, as their requirements are minimal.

2. Alabaster rose

The Echeveria elegans or alabaster roses belong to the family of succulents and are characterized by having tissues that conserve water, so they are resistant to dry seasons. In addition, they are very versatile to make different decorative designs, combined with other varieties of succulents.

They will need to be located in a bright place and receive water every 10 days in hot climates, as well as once a month in cold climates.

3. Coleus

This is one of the favorite indoor plants, as its leaves have an extraordinary beauty. The combination of its red, fuchsia, orange, yellow and green colors seem to be painted by hand and to be a work of art.

The best thing is that they are very easy to grow. They will thrive as long as they are located in a lighted place, without direct sun exposure. Just water them a couple of times a week, making sure your soil doesn't dry out.

4. Croton

Its leaves of various shapes and bright colors (red, orange, yellow) make it very popular for interiors because it fills spaces with joy. It is a very easy plant to care for, although it requires constant humidity.

5. Aspidistra

If you have a dimly lit room that you want to decorate with plants, the aspidistra is the perfect option. Lasts for many years, performs best in dry environments and can live without fertilizers.

6. Anthuriums

Anthurium is one of the most grateful plants that exist. Stays in bloom practically all year round with little care. It is enough to keep your soil moist and sprinkle water on your leaves once a week so that it is in optimal condition.

7. Kalancoe

The kalancoe is a plant that blooms once a year, in spring, with multiple small fuchsia, red, orange or yellow flowers. They should not have direct exposure to the sun and require moderate watering that does not wet their leaves.

8. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has various uses for cosmetics and health. It is also a very easy plant to care for. It requires a lot of light and little watering. However, as it grows it will be necessary to transplant it into larger pots that allow it to develop correctly.

9. Banana tree

If you have a large room that you want to give a tropical touch, the banana tree is the ideal plant. It owes its name to its similarity to the banana. It is one meter tall with quite large leaves. It needs constant humidity and lighting to thrive.

10. Maranta or rezadora

It is originally from Brazil and has a very tropical air. Its leaves are characterized by having 3 colors: green, yellow and red. Because it comes from jungle environments, it develops well if it has humidity.

Its growth is slow and does not require so much care. It is known by the name of rezadora or prayer plant because its leaves close in a particular way.

11. Fern bostony

This is probably the most popular variety of ferns. It is perfect for low light environments and needs high humidity, so it is convenient to spray water with a spray bottle. Ferns look great in hanging pots and, although they do not have flowers, their leaves decorate very well, giving a bohemian touch to spaces.

12. Elastic Ficus

It is a leafy plant with beautiful green leaves that It must be located in a bright space, but that does not receive the sun's rays. It requires moderate watering, once a week in hot climates and every 15 days in winter. In addition, it requires a large pot for its growth.

13. Comrade

It is one of the hardiest indoor palm trees. It has elongated stems and leaves that add an elegant look to any space. It does not require direct sun and survives well in the shade. It has a slow growth and an occasional watering that allows the soil to dry out in between.

14. Spatifilo

It is a plant that resists poorly lit spaces very well and produces elegant white flowers, known as peace lilies. However, if you have cats or dogs it can be toxic to them. Water it whenever its soil is dry or its leaves look droopy.

15. Adam's Rib

It is a semi-climbing plant with large leaves of a particular shape to which it owes its name. Due to its size, it requires a large pot. They appreciate the presence of light without direct rays of the sun and constant humidity. With these conditions they will grow fast and will give your home a vintage touch.

The characteristic shape of its leaves gives the name to Adam's rib.

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15 resistant plants for outdoors

Outdoor plants are characterized by the fact that they withstand sunlight well. In addition, plants native to the place where they are planted or from similar climatic zones are often used outdoors. We will share with you 15 resistant outdoor plants that adapt to different conditions.

1. Geraniums

It is one of the most popular outdoor flowering plants in the world. It is used to beautify balconies. Its colorful and abundant flowers fill spaces with vitality, with little demand for care. They require 2 weekly irrigations in summer or hot climates and one in cold climates or winter.

2. Cayenne

Cayenne it is a fast growing shrub, little watering and a beautiful flowering. They are better suited to sunny environments and are plants that propagate quickly, so a semester pruning will be necessary. For the rest, they will keep your garden full of life and colors.

3. African daisy

This variety of daisies stands out for growing very well in arid environments and for having colorful flowers that open and close throughout the day. They prefer sunny climates and they can go many days without being watered.

4. Dwarf pine

This is a variety of pine that can be planted in a pot and grows outdoors. It is characterized by resisting all types of weather, although sunny days are good for it. In hot climates or in summer it requires having its soil moist. For the rest, the care is minimal.

5. Verbena

Verbena is a very easy plant to grow in warm and temperate climates outdoors. It does not require constant watering and multiplies in the garden with a range of beautiful colors that will decorate your home.

6. Heather

This is a very resistant plant, capable of growing in difficult conditions, which will fill your garden with lilac and pink colors. It usually prefers sunny environments, although it supports low climates well. Requires little watering; it is enough that the soil does not dry out completely.

7. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are very hardy rustic plants that adapt to both indoors and outdoors. Being native to a tropical climate, they like humidity and sun, but not direct. Therefore, they grow very well in the shade of trees or eaves. They are perfect for lovers of the exotic, as their flowers have a very particular appearance.

8. Gazania

It is a plant that blooms all year round in hot climates. It develops very well in environments where it receives direct sun. However, It is able to resist up to 5 degrees Celsius in temperature. Its varieties make it very desired by those who want a space full of color.

9. Chamomile

It is a plant that resists all types of soils, although the best ones are dry ones. Thus, it should be watered little. It does not require much care and resists the sun. It produces beautiful small white with yellow flowers that have different medicinal properties and a pleasant smell.

10. Ivy

Whether for covering walls or creating a green carpet or floor covering, ivy is the perfect option. Plays fast, adapts to various conditions and does not need constant watering. In addition, it resists very well to areas with little light.

11. Lampranto mesen red

It is a very resistant plant, so It is usually used as a ground cover in gardens. If you have children or pets that play in the garden, it is a perfect option that does not weaken easily. Its flowers are very showy and grow very well in sunny places.

12. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are ideal terrace plants because they adapt to pots. They need a lot of light, but also shade. They have to be watered every time the soil dries up. They are very grateful, because with the minimum care they will bloom with different layers on their petals.

13. Bougainvillea

It is one of the most famous plants for its beautiful and abundant fuchsia and white flowers. They require light watering and their greatest advantage is that they do not require fertilizer to flourish.

They have climbing characteristics, which makes them ideal to cover a wall or a column giving a romantic atmosphere to the terraces or gardens. In places with seasons they bloom in spring and summer. However, in temperate climates they bloom all year round.

This climbing plant is striking and can decorate environments giving it a romantic touch.

14. Thoughts

If you live in a cold climate area, pansy is the ideal flower for your garden. Its plants do not resist very high temperatures well, but they adapt perfectly to frost.

They bloom in various shades such as reds, yellows, pinks, blues, purples, whites, and even combined. They are very resistant; however, you have to take care that your soil remains moist, but not with puddles of water.

15. Lavender

Lavender is another plant that resists well to cold climates and also has various therapeutic properties for relaxation. It is a rustic or wild plant, so it supports adverse conditions very well.

It must have good ventilation and lightTherefore, it should not be planted with shrubs that give it shade or take up space. It must be watered when its soil is dry, approximately once a week.

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Choose the resistant plants that best suit your city

According to a publication by the University of Georgia, the care of ornamental plants becomes more complex when species are selected that are not well conditioned to the place or are poorly planted. Therefore, it is important that you inform yourself about the ideal resistant plants for your city.

Having a resistant plant does not mean that it does not require some care. Select those that best suit your lifestyle and home characteristics.