Ham croquettes: we discover the best places where you can enjoy this culinary delicacy that everyone likes

There are dishes of Spanish gastronomy that make people fall in love, but also create discord, such as the potato omelette and the hackneyed debate between concebollismo-sincebollismo. There are others who add the wisdom of those who know the most to a recipe to perfect themselves. And then there are those proposals that are impossible to resist like croquettes. A gastronomic creation of French origin that has been in our recipe book for centuries with flavors that are carried away by sophistication but also by simplicity. Like the Ham croquettea delicacy that everyone likes and for which we have set out to discover the best places where we can enjoy them.

For such an arduous research task, which implies such responsibility, it is best to have the best collaborators. And for this we have had the readers of MujerHoy, who through an Instagram post and their responses to a story have sent us the names of the places they visit when the body asks for croquettes. The results have been varied and have come from all over Spain, drawing a croquette map that invites us to travel and enjoy this fabulous dish. But we have also found some consensus restaurants and bars among all the answers, something that, like when we make a consultation among our friends and acquaintances, ends up turning that reference into an essential must that we have to try.

With the same number of votes as an Andalusian business that we will talk about later, the winner of the award for the best Iberian ham croquette in the world in the 2018 and 2022 editions of Madrid Fusión is, according to the responses, a temple that the most croqueteros have to visit The Santerra. Located on Calle Gral. Pardiñas, in the Salamanca district, this restaurant run by Miguel Carretero is committed to product-based cooking to prepare creative and delicious dishes. And although we are aware that the “Iberian” nuance it is important, the consensus is so strong that we believe we must count on it in our search for the best ham croquette in Spain.

Without leaving Madrid, other culinary references of our readers have been viavelezPaco Ron’s restaurant on General Perón avenue, the capital’s gastronomy veteran, Casa Lucio, and Gabino’s tortillas, on Rafael Calvo street, which in recent days has aroused the interest of the media because it was where Mick Jagger tasted one of the House specialities. Without leaving the community, they have also recommended the croquettes from La Chimenea, located in Guadarrama, and Casa Juaneca, in San Agustín de Guadalix.

We head north and stop first in La Rioja, and more specifically in Ezcaray. There we find another of the croquette sanctuaries with several references among the participants in this survey, the Portal del Echaurren. A hotel and gastronomic business that has “my mother’s croquettes” in its menu, which have earned their own place in the gastronomy of our country and in the hearts of its customers. And there is nothing more to put “Echaurren croquettes” on Google to check it out. Without leaving the province, the Alameda Restaurant in Fuenmayor and the Tondeluna in Logroño, headed by Francis Paniego, are two other recommendations we have received.

We continue our journey, and in Pamplona two places have been suggested to us, El Mercao Restaurant, which was recognized in 2018 with the Croqueta Coqueta award, and Le Petit Comité located very close to the La Taconera gardens and with a dish that some qualify as gourmet. The Count of Álava in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Narru Restaurant in San Sebastián and El Globo and the Taberna de Zárate in Bilbao are the references provided by our readers from the Basque Country and experts in the gastronomy of the community.

As the saying goes «in the variety» is the taste and our question of “what is your favorite ham croquette?” We received responses from various provinces very distant from each other and, as usual in our country, united by gastronomy. For those who move to the east, in Teruel La coqueta croquetería is an unavoidable step, and in the Huesca town of Binéfar el Carmen Restaurante, although in its menu we only find chicken croquettes. For those who come to Asturias or live in this beautiful land, the Casa Marcial de Nacho Manzano located in Arriondas and the Restaurante Vistalegre in the coastal town of Colunga are must-sees if you love ham croquettes or simply want to try places endorsed by good critics.

For those who move around the Castillas we have three croquetera addresses. In Castilla y León, La Bodega Regia de León and El Corcho de Valladolid are for many, not only our readers, master croquettes that are well worth a visit to the premises, for their interior creaminess and crispness that are outside. And in Castilla-La Mancha the Cañitas Maite from the Albacete town of Casas-Ibáñez has also been referenced by our readers.

Bathed by the Mediterranean we have three proposals, arrivals from the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community. In Alicante, our readers point us to the Santabar, located on Calle San Diego and with a traditional cuisine that conquers those who try it. For its part, in Palma de Mallorca, the applause goes to the Mesón Can Pedro del Carrer del Rector Vives and the Bar des Mercat del Mercado de Santa Catalina.

Finally, and how could it be otherwise, our readers have also recommended us Andalusian locals in which to enjoy some delicious ham croquettes. Among them, the one who shares the throne with Santerra is the Sevillian Casa Ricardo. If we are in Granada and we want to enjoy some good ham croquettes, we have to go to Los Manueles. And for those who live or visit Córdoba, the recommendation has been La Posada del Caballo Andaluz. In short, a very complete selection of the culinary art of our country focused on a delicious dish that you always want.