Haircuts for all times of the year

If you want to look fashionable, keep these wonderful cuts in mind. Discover them!

Last update: 23 September, 2022

Haircuts are ideal for people to enhance their attributes and improve their appearance. Likewise, so that they show off a much more current and innovative style.

That is why new trends come into fashion every year. In this article we share with you which are the most striking of today. Do not miss it!

1. Layers in straight hair, one of the most chosen cuts

Nowadays, the most recommended for this type of hair is that its length is located up to the shoulders or below the chest. That way, you can make about 2 layers that will give you more volume.

Ideally, they should be straight. This, because that shape allows the face to look much more rejuvenated.

Best of all, the front of the hair can be styled in a variety of ways. Among the most outstanding options is the bangs to the side or to the frontas can be seen in the following images.

2. Layers in wavy hair

A great option for this type of hair is to make long “V-shaped” layers.. Well, this is how you get your hair to always settle quickly and not look messy. In the same way, keep the right volume and never stop looking natural.

3. Cut “pixie”, one of the cuts that are having a good reception

This is ideal for women with short hair. It consists of leaving the back and temples low, while the front area remains slightly long.

Added to this, it fits the popular idea of ​​making several small layers. Consequently, a striking volume is achieved and can be intact with just a little gel.

4. The extra short, one of the most admired cuts

In this option, the length is just below the ear. In this way, hair appears much fresher and more youthful. In addition, the actress Rachel McAdams dared to do it.

It is essential that the ends have movement. Otherwise, it can become a bit boring.

5. Classic Bob

If you do not want to have layers in your hair, this is one of the most recommended alternatives. In this case, the ideal is that the hair is always smooth and is located at the height of the neck.

The intention is to give a more elongated shape to the face. Nevertheless, it is essential that the front part is combed diagonally to avoid monotony.

6. Layers below the chin

In this cut, top priority is highlighting ends. For this reason, the hair manages to fall in a way that makes it look much longer. Look at the following image to get an idea.

7. Layers at the crown

If what you want is to achieve texture and volume, it may be interesting to focus attention on this cut. The layers allow the hair to look abundant, especially above the shoulders.

8. Layers from the shoulders, one of the most used cuts

They are one of the best options for women who have long hair. The layers are placed in just that spot to highlight the length.

But it must be made clear that the most recommended hairstyle is open to the sides. In this way the objective of framing the face is achieved.

Alternatives if you want a simpler change

We know that many women want to have a look different, but without revolutionizing her hair too much. Therefore, in that situation the most pertinent thing is to change the color. We are going to show you the most chosen trends of today.

1. Jet black hair color

In the event that you are convinced that you want your hair to be black, without a doubt it is important to take this shade into account. It is very intense and, because of this, it draws the attention of everyone who sees it.

2. Hair brown and blonde

The great advantage of this tone is that the hair looks much more illuminated.. It is left with a lot of brown and chestnut rays.

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