Hair removal in girls and adolescents: tips to keep in mind

Hair removal is a practice rooted in everyday aesthetics. Girls and adolescents come to her driven by example and the need to show off hairless skin. Follow these tips to accompany them in their determination.

Last update: December 30, 2021

Hairless bodies as part of the canon of beauty date back thousands of years; however, at the beginning of the 20th century this spread and became especially popular in the West. Social, cultural and family pressure is present in the aesthetic need for hair removal in girls and adolescents.

With the first signs of menarche, hairs appear in areas that will be visible with skirts, blouses or bathing suits. The demand of girls and adolescents to want to eliminate these notorious annoyances will be inevitable and natural.

It is up to parents to raise the issue broadly and guide the best decision regarding the first waxing, a custom that will accompany them from now on. Read on to find out how to prepare, when, and which method is most appropriate.

Tips before the first waxing

The desire to wax usually appears next to the first hairs, around the age of 11 or 12.

Taking care of your appearance is decisive when deciding to wax, although there are other compelling reasons that drive the measure. Among them, it is known that removing hairs minimizes the accumulation of bad odors.

However, in the face of a skin style that seems to suffer from “hairlophobia” imposed by sexualized models of cinema, television and social networks, some warnings are pertinent. For example, when pubic hair is completely removed, it offers more possibilities for irritations and infections and requires better hygiene habits.

Either way, the time for hair removal in girls and adolescents will come. It will be installed between 11 and 12 years old, Although it will depend on the development of the girl or adolescent, the type of hair and skin. All in all, keep these tips in mind for a friendly, no-sequelae first experience.

Before starting, a warm bath

Warm water in a shower or compresses on the area will help open the pores and reduce pain, in addition to making hair removal more effective. If to this is added a practice a day or two a week of exfoliation of the skin, the results will be much better.

When finished, a bath or the application of cold water will close the pores and soothe the skin. Finally, do not go out in the sun and use moisturizers to avoid irritation after waxing and the following after it.

The skin must be clean, dry and free of wounds

In some cases, waxing in girls and adolescents is decided to wear a strappy dress at a party or to take a walk to the pool or the sea. To avoid complications, it is necessary to call for calm and caution.

The skin that will be subjected to the aesthetic treatment should not have traces of creams or body oils, especially if waxes will be used. Also, it should be avoided if there are wounds or the skin is reddened or burned. And if the skin has been exposed to the sun for a long time, it should wait at least 24 hours.

The best way, the least painful

That maxim that he maintains: “to be beautiful you have to see stars” is not appropriate for this first time. There is no need to start an exercise that will be permanent by unnecessarily crossing the pain threshold.

Among the less aggressive steps is chemical discoloration. This is recommended when the hair of the girl or adolescent is thin, short and not abundant, and if the skin is not dark.

Shaving is quick and inexpensive, but if you have acne, pimples or wounds, you run the risk of making the situation worse. On the other hand, you have to have a little dexterity in handling the blade to avoid cuts. So if there’s a better option, shaving right off the bat shouldn’t count as number one on the list.

The depilatory cream leaves the same result as the razor, with the advantage that there are no injuries, but the girl should not be alone. If the time is exceeded on the skin, it can be abrasive and cause dermatitis.

The cold wax strips do not burn or cut, but removing them with care deserves a veteran accompaniment. Finally, waxes, creams or blades can cause folliculitis, hence the importance of exfoliation and cleaning, since ingrown hairs or infections are avoided.

It is worth noting that laser hair removal offers a definitive solution for folliculitis and can be performed if there is acne, a frequent event in adolescence. Consult with your pediatrician about this.

Other methods

The hair removal method must be determined based on the type of hair and skin, in addition to looking for a gentle option for the delicate skin of girls and adolescents.

When waxing has become habitual, the hairs tend to weaken. There are processes to remove hair that offer quick solutions, but not long-lasting, while there are other more specialized ones that guarantee to keep the next session away.


In the first hair removal in girls and adolescents, the important thing is that they are not subjected to painful procedures, such as electrolysis that destroys hair roots by using electrodes as needles. Also, as they are still in growth and development, it is likely that it is not a definitive performance and the hair will be born again.

To be

This device that emits an amplified light of stimulated radiation acts on the hair follicle very precisely, but it is expensive and painful. It is recommended when the girl or adolescent has grown up and makes responsible decisions about their appearance. By the way, as monochrome light is absorbed by melanin, this resource is ideal for fair skin, as it prevents burns.

In the case of moles (or hyperpigmentation), you have to take certain precautions and follow the recommendations of a specialist. Indeed, if lasers are used, the moles must be protected with dressings so that they do not receive direct light.

Intense Pulsed Light

It works like the laser but, with less effectiveness, more sessions and a greater risk of burns. Great advantage: good results are obtained on any type of skin. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before using it.


It is used in specific places, like eyebrows. The hair is extracted by the roots and the effect lasts up to three weeks. A beginner should put herself in the hands of skilled people, as the extraction line needs to conform to the shape of the face.


It is a classic technique. Cold, warm or hot, pull out hair by the roots and, therefore, it is painful, especially in the first opportunities. Wax is a better alternative to depilatory creams, but hot wax in particular is not recommended for varicose veins. Also, if the young woman lives in a warm area, because with the heat, the veins dilate more easily.

It is a myth that you cannot wax before the first menstruation

There is nothing to prevent the girl or adolescent from being able to remove hair before menarche. Sometimes the period delays its onset, while other signs of development become apparent, including hair in the armpits or legs.

Hair removal is an exclusively aesthetic method. The mother’s guide, in many cases exemplary in this regard, should be to transmit and lead to the best path. What cannot be ignored is that all skin types are different and the most sensitive ones will undergo an intervention that is sometimes irritating and painful.

Follow advice and Going to a dermatologist to hear first-hand specialized recommendations is the best. In particular, if what you want to avoid is a traumatic initial moment.

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