Hair botox: what does it consist of?

Popularized as an alternative to chemical hair treatments, a series of natural products is known as "hair botox" designed to repair the hair fiber and provide hydration.

The compounds used in the process are not made from botulinum, the main toxin that gives its name to the homonymous treatment of injections on the skin. In fact, manufacturers use the term "botox" as an advertising nomenclature, referring to the aesthetic results that are achieved after its application.

As expected, injections into the scalp are not used during its application. The products are marketed in the form of topical creams or ointments that are applied directly to the hair fiber.

Although it is recommended for use under the watchful eye of a professional, it can also be administered from home through a series of systematic steps. The results are usually visible for 30 or 40 days; after this, a new application is necessary to regain the appearance of the hair. What else should you know? Keep reading!

How does capillary botox work?

Like other similar application treatments, such as keratin, Hair botox works by filling in damaged areas of the hair fiber. The substances that make up the product are responsible for repairing the affected areas, since they have the function of nourishing and hydrating. The result? A more silky and manageable mane.

It is especially recommended for those who have to deal with the aftermath of ironing, drying or chemical-based treatments. Once applied, its components significantly reduce the dryness, cracking and dull appearance that results from these procedures.

How it is performed?

  • During the process massages are done on the roots, ends and body of the hair to ensure that vitamins and minerals properly penetrate each battered section.
  • After the expected setting time, which can range from 50 to 90 minutes, the compounds seal the damaged areas. To consolidate this look, you can opt for drying or ironing last.

It is important to remember that the results are not permanent. In fact, they vary depending on how damaged the hair is at the time of application, the style of the hair, the quality of the product used and the depth with which the compounds have penetrated the fibers. For all this, the mediation of a professional is recommended.

Capillary botox is recommended for dry and damaged hair.

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What happens during the application?

To obtain the results outlined, the application of capillary botox is carried out through a series of systematic steps. Your beauty professional may suggest an additional one or two, but the classic treatment is the one detailed below.

1. Wash hair with alkaline shampoo

Alkaline shampoos are those with a high spectrum on the pH scale. They are useful, in this sense, to open the cells that are part of the hair cuticle. This motivates the product's compounds to penetrate better, and a cuticle closure is achieved that guarantees results for a longer time.

2. Remove excess moisture and apply the product

The hair should be a little damp during the process, so it should be dried to remove excess moisture. After this, the fibers are separated into strands and the product is applied from the roots to the ends. For the assimilation of the compounds to be effective, it must be done with a light capillary massage.

3. Leave to act for an average time

The recommended period is between 50 or 90 minutes, in case it is the first application. If applied a second time, the times decrease to 20 or 50 minutes. It all depends on the type of hair and the degree of abuse it has.

4. Wash and dry

Finally, it is time to remove the product with cold water. Some stylists leave about 15% of the substance on the hair fiber and proceed to seal it with the help of a hairdryer. The latter is essential, since the heat helps retain part of the nutrients in each of the strands.

In short, these are the steps that are followed when applying botox to the hair. The results are instantly palpable, with a natural style that contrasts with the artificial of other types of treatments.

What is hair botox for?

This treatment helps to hydrate the hair and, in turn, provides it with nutrients. Sealing part of the fiber cracks eliminates the frizz and volume without losing the natural style. Therapy with this product is recommended for any type of hair, with special emphasis on the following cases:

  • Lack of shine or smoothness.
  • Very greasy hair.
  • Split ends or collateral effects resulting from intensive use of the iron or dryer.
  • Frizz or untamed hair.
  • Very fine strands that tend to generate little volume or are prone to falls.

In case you are not part of this group, you can also opt for the treatment as a natural method to allocate nutrients to the hair. It is important to remember that after its application a lysate is not obtained.

Hair botox is not used to straighten hair, as it does not contain chemicals such as formaldehyde. The semi-smooth appearance that is obtained during the first hours is thanks to the decrease in volume and hydration.

The capillary botox allows to soften the hair and give it shine. In addition, it provides you with extra nutrients.

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Is hair botox safe?

The application of the product on the hair is 100% safe, although of course it is not free of some contraindications. The first of them is allergy to the components of the formula, a disadvantage that is present in all hair treatments. In particular, the following may occur:

  • Irritation in the mucous membranes.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness
  • Pictures of allergic reactions.

However, the chances of allergies are reduced if the product does not come into direct contact with the scalp and if gloves are used in the process (in the case that it is applied at home).

The second contraindication is the slight loss of hair color. This happens when low esteem products are used, those that do not have the proper quality control processes. To remedy this, it is best to buy hair botox only from reputable manufacturers.

Other common questions about hair botox

The use of this treatment raises many doubts among those who wish to apply it for the first time. Below we briefly answer the most common ones.

What is hair botox made of?

It is often made up of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Each manufacturer uses a particular formula, based on the compounds listed above. The cocktail of ingredients has collagen as the main active complex. Essential oils are also commonly used.

Is it suitable for men and women?

Like other similar treatments, hair botox can be used without distinction of sex or gender. However, it is recommended that the hair be of considerable length to avoid that the application is made directly on the base of the hair leather.

Is it cheaper than other treatments?

No. The cost of a treatment with this product, whether done at home or in a beauty salon, it is superior to other alternatives, such as keratin. This of course varies depending on the geographic location and the brand that is chosen when buying.

How is its maintenance after its application?

Avoid washing your hair for the first 24 hours and then opt for low-salt shampoos. Antioxidant compounds, such as some used in some moisturizers, should be avoided to delay results for longer.

Will my hair get damaged if I apply it too often?

Most of its ingredients are natural, so it does not affect hair health in any way. In case of presenting allergies to the compounds of the formula, its permanent use is contraindicated.

Keep in mind that the effects are less as recurrent applications are made. On average, it is not convenient to use it more than four times a year.

Finally, and in case of not having experience with this type of products, the ideal is to go to a professional for its application. He will be the one to recommend what type of brand to buy and what care to maintain after the process.

Although it is harmless in most cases, it is advisable to seek good advice so that the investment is worth it and the desired results are achieved.