Guide to losing weight from a conscious diet

Last Christmas holidays lose weight It becomes a priority for many people and can become a harmful obsession. To keep your self-esteem high and lose weight in a healthy way, the key is to eat consciously and from self-care.

Say yes to healthy fats

Although we have spent decades with the bombardment that fats are not good for a weight loss diet, this claim has changed relatively recently when it has been discovered that healthy fats are really essential to maintain a healthy diet and to lose weight.

When we talk about good fats we refer to beneficial foods for the body loaded with antioxidants such as avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, flax seeds, olives, blue fish or nuts. These foods are highly satiating and prevent the accumulation of fat that occurs when the body secretes an excess of insulin before a peak of glucose.

Trans fats on the other hand are more difficult to metabolize and put health at risk, see industrial pastries, chips, margarines, packaged pizzas … Be careful with them and with sugar and simple carbohydrates because they usually generate a vicious circle since they cause a very rapid increase in blood sugar and that it falls just as quickly bringing with it tiredness, fatigue and eagerness to eat this type of food again. Something that can be avoided by including healthy fats in your diet. Be aware of what you eat!

Eye with sweeteners

It is widespread among the population that does not want to gain weight, who wants to take more care or lose weight, opt for sweeteners instead of sugar to sweeten coffee, infusions, smoothies, desserts … but keep in mind that these synthetic sweeteners can have a harmful effect on health, especially if there is an excess consumption of them.

Artificial sweeteners increase the absorption of glucose that comes from the foods you eat (you would never have imagined, right?) altering your intestinal flora or microbiota and putting health at risk and being more likely to suffer disease and gain weight. Choose whenever you can natural sweeteners such as honey or try to sweeten with dates or banana, it is a fabulous and most holy trick to sweeten your life.

Realfooding is not a fad anymore

Avoiding packaged and ultra-processed foods will not only improve your health, it will also help you control your weight. So just by eliminating this type of food from your diet and basing your diet on real food you will lose weight almost without realizing it, eating good amounts of food, without spending a drop of hunger and maintaining good health.

Green smoothies, lots of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, seeds … fill your fridge and your pantry with real and healthy food, nothing packed. The fruit is better not in juices but in pieces or crushed in shakes to avoid wasting the fiber they have that is very empty and will help you eliminate toxins.

Take care of your microbiota

The state of your microbiota or intestinal bacterial flora influences your weight and the amount of fat in your body. If your microbiota is damaged you can start to accumulate fat and increase in size so, in addition to keeping your body healthy, you should pay close attention to the state of your intestine.

Junk food, sugar or ultraprocessed foods are harmful to keep the microbiota healthy so our recommendation is that you consume natural probiotic foods such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut or kimchi, foods that will strengthen your intestinal flora and with it your overall health by improving your particular line.

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Stay in the present moment

No, we are not talking about time travel but you should focus on what you do and how you do it especially at meal times. Eating watching TV or taking a walk on Instagram will make you eat without realizing it and very fast.

Eating slowly while chewing a lot of food will first suppose that your digestion is easier to do and you achieve a better absorption of nutrients, second that you focus on the here and now with the mindful eating and third that you burn more calories and be satisfied before, since the brain begins to send the message of satiety 20 minutes after starting to eat. Eating slowly can then be a relaxation exercise and a way to make you lose weight easily.

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