Green tea or red tea, which one helps you lose weight?

Teas are associated with great health benefits, such as losing weight. Therefore, the question arises: which is better to lose weight: green tea or red tea?

Last update: December 11, 2021

Tea is known for two things: be the preferred drink of the English and provide a large number of health benefits. This delicious and aromatic infusion is the favorite of many thanks to the fact that it acts as a natural antioxidant and reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

Others, on the other hand, seek it because it is associated with weight loss and reduction of abdominal fat. What is true in this last belief? Which will be more effective for weight loss: green or red tea?

Green tea and red tea: how are they different?

The Camellia sinensis is the plant that gives life to all the varieties of tea that we enjoy. Whether green or red, tea is prepared using the leaves, stems and buds of this Asian native species.

The difference? It is in the way in which the parts of the plant are processed, which gives each variant a unique degree of oxidation, aroma and flavor.

In the case of green tea, the leaves of the C. sinensis they are steamed (Japanese method) or roasted in large pans (Chinese method). This type of technique is done with the intention of slowing down the oxidation of the drink so that it can conserve many of its nutrients.

For its part, to make red tea, the sheets go through different procedures of aging, maturation and fermentation that give it its special reddish color and earthy flavor.

Which one helps you lose weight?

Both green tea and red tea are among the favorite options of those who want to lose weight. However, since green tea does not go through an oxidation process and retains a greater number of nutrients, it is considered more effective. Let’s see what science says about it.

Tea is part of different diets that are planned with the goal of losing weight.

Green Tea

According to a study with obese people, those who followed a standardized diet and drank green tea for 12 weeks lost 3.3 kilograms more than the placebo group.

Similarly, research published in the journal Obesity found that taking green tea extract for 12 weeks reduces weight and body fat, as well as waist circumference. Experts associate these results with catechins, chemicals that act as antioxidants and accelerate metabolism.

Have you heard about tea matcha? This is a concentrated variant of green tea that can provide the same benefits.

Now, the weight loss, when green tea extracts and supplements are ingested, is modest. So changes are less noticeable.

Red tea

According to an animal study, red tea, tea pu-erh or tea pu’er, is able to lower blood glucose and triglyceride levels. Likewise, there is scientific evidence that it can facilitate weight loss.

For its part, a study with 70 men found that taking a capsule of red tea extract for 3 months made you lose 1 kilogram more than the group that ingested placebo.

Finally, an investigation in rodents revealed that this drink can prevent obesity and weight gain. Of course, it should be taken into account that the scientific evidence known so far only includes the effects of the tea extract and not the drink.

The studies with red tea were done with extracts and not with the drink itself, so it is difficult to translate the results into real life.

Tea: the favorite drink to lose weight

Help you lose weight or not, tea is still one of the drinks that cannot be missing from your table. Red tea, for example, is usually consumed after a meal.

Likewise, green tea stands out for increasing the amount of antioxidants in the bloodstream. In the end, it is your taste between the two options that will tell which is preferred.

Finally, consider that this article was written for informational purposes. It does not facilitate medical diagnoses or substitute for consulting a professional.

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