Green tea: discover all the benefits it has for your health

One of the products that is synonymous with good health is Green Tea. This is because for many years it has been considered a drink of eternal youth for its wide number of benefits, for its antioxidant content and also for poniphenols. Of all its components, these are the main ones that have managed to make green tea, a great health aid both physically and mentally. That is why it is so important to know about the health benefits it offers.

It is very interesting as a product that is so delicious and easy to get as well as to prepare, it has the ability to generate wonderful effects within the body, but it also leaves a feeling that is very comforting.

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For many people it is a recent discovery when it comes to enjoying a delicious drink. However, the same is not the case in eastern countries, since green tea has been in their culture for more than 5000 years.

The most important countries in the production of this type of tea are India and China, although other countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Kenya are also excellent producers of green tea.

The benefits of green tea they are so powerful that help in the fight against the known free radicals, so it helps that the immune system is always healthy and strengthened. Today, people are constantly exposed to these free radicals, which accelerates the aging process and increases the chances of cancer as well as other diseases.

Naturally, the human body generates antioxidants. However, this alone is not enough to face the various agents that threaten our health. And to enhance the production of antioxidants there is nothing better than green tea, especially if consumed correctly.

Benefits of green tea

Decrease your chances of getting cancer

A wide variety of scientific studies suggest that all the properties that green tea contains considerably reduce the chance of developing certain types of cancer, and this is mainly due to its high amount of antioxidants. Even so, it does not mean that it is a product that fights cancer, just that by consuming it regularly and moderately, it is able to prevent cancer from appearing in our body.

Following this, there are certain researchers who affirm that in all those places where green tea is regularly consumed, the percentage of people with some type of cancer is quite low, compared to those places where this drink is not consumed. habitually.

However, it is not yet known exactly why this occurs. In addition to the antioxidants, the poniphenols that green tea possesses, prevent the appearance of the mentioned free radicals. These, being present within our body, cause serious damage to cells that are healthy. So by consuming this product you will promote the reproduction of good cells and ensuring that the body remains healthy.

Prevents heart disease

The high content of antioxidants is among the most important benefits of green tea, since these allow it to act as a regulator in cholesterol commonly called bad found in our blood. So, it also offers the possibility of preventing said cholesterol from lodging within the blood vessels, which helps prevent diseases that affect the heart.

Some of the components of this type of tea act on the blood vessels, helping to keep the body relaxed, and thus resistance to high blood pressure is obtained. On the other hand, it promotes protection against the appearance of blood clots, since, as is well known, these are the main causes of heart attacks.

Helps lose weight and stimulates metabolism

Much research on green tea determined that it has a great power for fat oxidation and not only that, since it is also an excellent metabolism booster. These are characteristics that increase the ability to eliminate calories, by acting as a protector and also exercising its diuretic functions. However, you must keep in mind that for this to really work it is recommended that you combine the consumption of green tea with a healthier diet and with a lot of physical activity.

Fights aging

No one can prevent the signs of aging from appearing, but what is possible is to delay the presence of all those signs a little and green tea can help achieve this, since its benefits and all the properties it contains are wonderful.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is a drink recognized throughout history as the elixir of eternal youth. Everyone the elements that make up this product prevent the appearance of signs of aging, and if a solution or ointment is prepared with green tea, when placed on the skin it will act as an excellent repairer for the damages that are caused by long exposure to sunlight.

Decrease the risks of arthritis

Apart from the effects that green tea produces in the body due to its high content of antioxidants, there are others such as its possibility of reducing the risks of arthritis. This occurs due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, allowing muscles and joints to remain in an optimal state, which is why the appearance of diseases that are inflammatory is also avoided.

Lowers glucose levels

Another of the properties of green tea is that its ability to lower high glucose levels. By causing a slowdown in the increase in blood sugar, it also prevents increases in insulin levels and in the accumulation of fat in the body.

Type II diabetes affects a large number of people worldwide, with the current number of people affected being approximately 300 million. This disease increases sugar levels and also causes insulin resistance and even inhibits insulin production. Many of the investigations carried out by specialists have shown that this type of tea causes the body to increase its sensitivity to insulin and, as we have already mentioned, it lowers the high level of sugar present in the blood.

Strengthens bones

One of the great benefits of green tea is that it strengthens and also protects the bones, especially those that make up the hip and spine. This occurs since one of the elements that are within the content of this class of tea, is related to fluoride.

Improves memory and prevents the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases

This is such a powerful drink which has benefits that help improve our cognitive function. Therefore, it will help in the formation of neuronal cells, which is usually known as the neurogenesis procedure, where its main objective is the area of ​​the hippocampus, where all the information that belongs to memory is processed, both in the short and long term.

On the other hand, green tea it has great properties that improve the general function of the brain, also protecting it from old age. One of the diseases that usually affects the human brain is Alzheimer's, and if it progresses rapidly it can cause severe dementia. Likewise, there is another disease that affects the functioning of neurons, where the person who is affected constantly experiences the death of many of them that produce dopamine in their brain.

If green tea is consumed regularly, its content of catechin and bioactive compounds would act as protectors of neurons, helping to decrease the chances of suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as those mentioned.

It works as a hepatoprotector

Certain components that are extracted from green tea, help reduce the accumulation of fat found in the liver. But in addition to that it produces a block against fat that also accumulates inside the liver, the speed with which fat is converted into energy increases and improves the general functions of the liver.

Prevents the appearance of colds, infections and flu

Through various studies it has been shown that the catechin content that this class of tea possesses, eliminates certain bacteria present in the body and also inhibits viruses, as in the case of those that cause the flu, some types of infections, colds and even viruses that cause herpes.

Prevents tooth decay

Among the bacteria that cause more damage to the human mouth is streptococcus mutans, causing plaque to appear on the teeth and the presence of caries. Catechin is one of the elements of green tea, which slow down the development of certain bacteria, and by reducing the presence of infections, an improvement in the health of the teeth is obtained, even reducing the presence of bad breath.

Reduces stress

Reducing stress is another benefit of green tea. Many of the components of this great product, when fighting against the appearance of free radicals, also cause stress to decrease considerably. Likewise, it contains certain amino acids that generate a relaxing effect on the body, without causing drowsiness.

It is a relief for allergies

Epigallocatechin gallate is one of the elements that make up green tea, and one of its functions is to block some elements in the environment that generally activate the appearance of allergies, it is special when it comes to allergies that appear in specific seasons of the year. Therefore, it is a component that activates a kind of defense mechanism that acts against cells that cause allergies.

Benefits according to the type of green tea


It is a class of green tea from Japan that it has high contents of polyphenols or catechins, L-theanine and antioxidant flavonoids. Various studies have verified that this green tea has the highest flavonoid content compared to others. Therefore, it favors the slowdown in kidney damage as well as liver damage. And in addition to this, it has a wide content of vitamins A and vitamin C, iron and also fiber.


This is another tea that comes from Japan, which unlike the previous one does not have too much theine, which makes it perfect if you are one of those people who loves to consume tea at any time of the day. It contains much more calcium when compared to milk, it has more vitamin C compared to orange and it has a large amount of other minerals, allowing excellent mineralization in the body.


It is a tea of ​​Japanese origin that is roasted, so when consumed it leaves a very mild flavor and is not bitter at all. This is the one with the least astringent properties. Another of its characteristics is that it does not contain caffeine and that makes it perfect to be consumed by people with hypertension.


This tea does not have much theine either, but it does contain many polyphenols, being ideal in preventing free radical formation. It is a tea that can be taken both hot and cold.


It has a wide variety of properties, such as its high content of antioxidants and also of polyphenols, which are very good for the digestive system, since help in the removal of oxides produced by unhealthy eating and to fight constipation.

And you, which one do you choose?


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