Great initiative against gender inequality: school teaches its students to practice housework

A Spanish school created an effective strategy to combat machismo. Look at this.

Last update: September 16, 2022

It is a reality that, throughout history, a large number of macho thoughts have emerged. Because of that, many men have grown up thinking that housework only corresponds to women.

However, that prospect is quite dangerous. It implies that all wear and tear falls on female figures and that relationships deteriorate.

A Spanish school wanted to fight against this gender inequality. Therefore, he carried out an innovative project that won the admiration of a large part of society. In this article we share all the details of the initiative.

The school plan that fights against gender inequality

When the year 2018 was passing, the directives of the Montecastelo School, located in Vigo (Spain), realized that the inequity indices were increasingly alarming. For that reason, they began to reflect on how they could control this problem from the academy.

This is how they came up with the idea of ​​creating a strategy entitled Equality is learned with facts. He proposed to add an additional class for boys in the final grade. this was the call home skills and sought to focus on household chores, such as ironing, cooking, and baking.

Likewise, also teach other tasks that are quite useful. Among them, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and electricity.

In this way, at the moment in which the entire concept was designed, the officials in charge explained the project to the parents. They received his approval and began to carry it out from then on. Currently, it is still valid.

How is the methodology?

From the beginning, the students were divided into several groups. In each of the academic periods, they have rotated through each of the homework that is taught.

Also, all stages have a supportive mother and father. This, in order that students can resolve any doubts that arise and have optimal learning.

Best of all, the program is run by teachers, parents, and school representatives who sign up voluntarily. Therefore, they are willing to give the best of themselves.

Progress has been considerable. So much so, that although at first the young people were reluctant with the project, now they are showing themselves at ease. They have realized that these are simple activities. In the same way, they are essential for a home to work in the best way.

Parents are excited about the positive change they have been able to see in their children. Likewise, the school is convinced that he made a great decision. She hopes to be able to expand the program soon so that the fight against gender inequality becomes stronger. They also long for other educational institutions to join them.

Gabriel Bravo, the coordinator of Colegio Montecastelo, is sure that these exercises are what allow students to become aware. They manage to realize that a home is for 2.

Do you agree with this initiative? Do you know of another academic environment in which a similar project is used? Let us know your valuable opinions!

Other key aspects to prevent children from being sexist

Aside from school plans, it is essential that parents provide children with an education that decouples from gender inequality. For this reason, first of all, it is key to indicate that there are no toys that can only be used by men or women.

As a second measure, it is essential to give them the freedom to be as they want and not assign them any kind of role. Otherwise, you can fall into the danger of making them memorize prejudices.

In addition to this, it is crucial to point out that feelings have no gender. Both men and women need to cry to let off steam, feel better, and move on.

It is key that parents are a team from day 1 and run the home together. That is the ideal formula to give the best of examples.

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