Grapes, apples, oranges or strawberries: the ideal fruits for a light dinner with a delicious and healthy salad

Christmas is a time of gifts, family gatherings and gastronomic excesses. What if the nougat, what if the lamb, what if the Iberian ham. And of course, by the time we get to Three Kings Day our favorite clothes may have to stop being so, because bingeing is unforgiving. To cope better, without giving up anything, it is highly recommended to bet, among the most important meetings of this time, on a light dinner with a delicious salad and heals. And to accompany it, we can opt for seasonal fruit that will give them a delicious flavor while helping us to be satisfied.

When choosing the base of our salad too we can take advantage of the vegetables that the calendar provides us, and in addition to the lettuce and usual classics in the supermarket such as lamb’s lettuce or arugula, we can include in our salad spinach or endives that are in season. As for fruits, on the shelves of our greengrocer we already have classic fruits such as orange or apple, and seasonal proposals such as pomegranate, grapes or strawberries. And now we only have to choose a dressing, but without adding calories.

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The orange is at its best and at this time of year is when it has the most flavor. As we already know, it is a fruit that provides us with vitamin C, but they are also rich in potassium and fiber. When including it in a salad we can combine it with an iceberg lettuce and a little chives, or bet on more original recipes, with avocado or pickled red onion. And if ours is the Spanish cookbook, let’s accompany it with cod to taste a typical Granada dish, the soak.

As for the apple, which also has a lot of fiber, but also whiten teeth and has a satiating effectIt is ideal to combine it with those combinations of lettuces that we find in the supermarket, a handful of nuts and cheese, Waldorf style. But we can also mix it with canned fish, such as mackerel or tuna, with black olives or with raisins.

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Among our favorite salads for this time, in which red grapes are at their sweetest and tastiest, there’s the lamb’s lettuce salad. With some raw mushrooms, some walnuts and a little blue cheese we will enjoy a dinner full of flavor that demystifies that salads are boring. But we can also opt for this fruit that fights constipation, slows aging and helps us eliminate fluids accompanied by a little grilled chicken or changing the lettuce for a little broccoli.

The pineapple is also in one of its best moments and it is a low calorie fruit, making it ideal for this Christmas moment. Diuretic and detoxifier, It is a good accompaniment to other fruits such as avocado or mango, and to white meats such as chicken or turkey, is last also in its cold meat version. But we cannot forget the crab sticks or the prawns, with which we will get a very fresh salad dressing it with lime and a pinch of chili.

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And although it is more as a secondary protagonist than the main one, we do not want to miss another of the seasonal fruits present this month in our stores, the pomegranate. Rich in tannins, which favor water absorption, this curious fruit helps us strengthen the immune system and improve the appearance of the skin. And it is an excellent companion to other fruits such as orange and apple, dried fruits such as walnuts and foods such as pickled partridge, quince or baby eels.

We do not want to finish this selection that is going to help us alleviate the gastronomic pressure of these dates without mentioning the strawberries, which are not really in season yet, they will do so in January-February, but that we can already find in the supermarket. This delicious fruit with cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties that is ideal in weight loss diets They are a delicious dessert, but we can also count on them to make our salads more tasty. Especially if you want to go for a novel base, such as lamb’s lettuce, arugula or oak leaf. You just have to accompany it with a cheese, better in its lighter versions such as feta, mozzarella or fresh, a handful of walnuts or pine nuts and your favorite vinaigrette.

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