Granny refuses to sell her house to a shopping center

The granny who inspired the movie “Up” refused to sell her house because it had special meaning to her. Discover the story!

Last update: February 16, 2022

Homes, beyond being a place where we can take refuge, rest and be safe, have a special meaning for many people. Well, It is the place where the deepest memories are kept with some loved ones.

In addition, it is the place where those relatives made a last request. Therefore, the owners want to be present in that home until the end of their days.

This was the case with Edith Mcefield’s house, which was the great inspiration for the production of the movie “Up”. In this article we share all the details of this entertaining story.

Edith Mcefield, the granny who refuses to sell her house

Just like in the hit animated movie, the 84-year-old granny had a small house that sat in the middle of several huge commercial buildings. Because of this, he inspired the filmmakers.

In addition, the house was highly desired by the builders. Well, they wanted to buy it to demolish it and continue building buildings of an imposing size.

However, the grandmother always refused all offers. This because of the house had a symbolic value for her that was not paid for with any amount of money.

And it is that when the grandmother was asked the reason why she did not sell the house, the statement surprised everyone. Well, She replied that her mother had asked her to die on her sofa and therefore she wanted to have the same ending.

In this way, even when the works began in nearby places, he continued to receive proposals. Nevertheless, she ignored them all and refused even to accept a million dollars.

The journey left him a great friend

Barry Martin, was one of the construction supervisors who worked in the surrounding places. However, beyond the taste for the house, he understood the will of the grandmother who refuses to sell her house and became interested in being her friend.

It was like that she became the person to whom Edith told each of the anecdotes that most marked her life. Also, with whom he preferred to have a pleasant dialogue.

So when the old granny who didn’t sell her house grew older, Barry made a point of visiting her periodically. This to monitor your health and provide you with immediate help if you need it.

Added to this, when the woman began to have a worrying health condition, he took her to the hospital. It was at that moment that they discovered that she had pancreatic cancer and Barry never separated from her.

In view of this, the woman stated that she was not afraid of anything. Well, she had a house and a best friend who comfort her to the fullest.

Home, a place of indelible memories

This story shows that people have places that are uniquely important to them and they are not willing to sacrifice them for all the money in the world. In most cases, that enclosure is the home, since it is where it is shared with the most beloved people.

Furthermore, it is clear that not everything in life means money. Well, peace of mind and feelings are much more important for the well-being of people.

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