Grandpa makes and sells drawings to buy food for his grandchildren

A grandfather took to the streets to sell his drawings in order to feed his grandchildren. Discover the moving story!

Last update: February 18, 2022

Grandparents have a beautiful and unbreakable love for their grandchildren. Because of that, all they want is for them to be full of well-being and have the best teachings to function in life.

In addition, they are willing to make any sacrifice so that their grandchildren can be well. Well, His highest intention is that they be raised in the best possible conditions.

This was demonstrated by Don Armando, a Mexican grandfather who made a great effort to bring food to his grandchildren. In this article we share all the details of this moving story.

The grandfather who sells his drawings to take care of the well-being of his grandchildren

A grandfather who lived in the Municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León, had a great talent for drawing. Therefore, decided to go to him to be able to bring daily food to his grandchildren.

That was how he made several drawings and went out to the streets to sell them. However, For a moment, she was in tears because she still did not have enough money to take at least one bag of milk to her grandchildren.

At that moment, he met Héctor, a man who was interested in a drawing of the Virgin of Guadalupe. In this way, Grandpa offered it to him for 20 pesos and told him that the reason was to be able to feed his beloved grandchildren.

As a result of this reason, the man decided to pay him 100 pesos for his large drawing of the Virgin. Because of thatthe grandfather began to cry with happiness and told him that he had become the great angel that he needed so much.

The moment the story went viral

That fact conquered the heart of Héctor, therefore, he was encouraged to share a photo of the grandfather in his social media. In addition, together with her, he told the story of the man.

In addition to this, he asked Internet users that if they saw Grandpa they would help him by buying a drawing for 20 pesos. This is how the publication spread massively and exceeded 4 thousand reactions.

In this way, a large number of people became interested in locating Grandpa. So much so that they have stated that they have seen him in a neighborhood in Nuevo León and have continued to help him.

The love of a grandfather has no limits

This story shows that grandchildren are essential in the lives of grandparents. Therefore, these adults are capable of meeting any challenge to care for them.

Also, despite their age, they don’t mind continuing to work if necessary. Well, the only thing they focus on is making them happy and giving them a decent life.

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