Grandma’s tricks you need to make your meatballs soft and juicy

Meatballs are a dish that has always been very present in the Spanish recipe book, either with the typical Spanish sauce or with more modern varieties that accompany it with truffle or curry. However, finding the perfect recipe that allows us to enjoy a tasty creation is more difficult than we would like. But we can always take note of the advice of the great masters of the kitchen and put into practice the easy tricks that we need to make the meatballs soft and juicy.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that making meatballs is more than just buy minced meat, give it a rounded shape and fry them. Because as important as the ingredients with which we create the sauce that will accompany them are those with which we season the meat. And even the type of meat we choose to make them.

What is the best meat to make meatballs?

Although the chicken and fish meatballs they have a large number of followers, the usual thing is to bet on red meats when preparing this dish. And although the mixture of cow or veal with pork usually gives rise to a juicy creation, we have another proposal that combines flavor and tenderness. And we just have to ask our trusted butcher.

As important as the sauce with which you accompany the meatballs is the meat with which you make them. / sAM mOQADAM /unsplash

Because although it is usual to give it other uses, the beef lung sirloin, also known by butchers as the «veal whistle»It is the perfect meat to make irresistible meatballs. Ideal for grilling or grilling, this inner abdominal muscle of the veal is wrapped in fat, something that contributes to a juicier meat. And although it is not its usual use, it is ideal to order it minced in our butcher shop and make a Bolognese or some meatballs with it that will be irresistible.

Essential ingredients to make meatballs

Along with the meat there are two ingredients that cannot be missing to make the meatballs tender, bread and raw egg. In the first case, for each kilo of meat we will add four slices of bread (one finger wide) that we will have previously soaked for a few minutes in milk. Once this is done, drain them well and crumble them before adding them to the meat.

Some ingredients, in addition to flavoring your meatballs, help them to compact. / The Lore Com /Unsplash

The raw egg also contributes to adding unctuousness to the mixture, and in this case the recommended thing is two for each kilo of meat. They are not an essential ingredient, but they are recommended because they also help the mixture remains compact when making the balls and frying them.

Ingredients that will add flavor to your meatballs

Although the final result depends on the sauce with which we accompany them, the meat mixture with which we are going to create our meatballs is always accompanied by ingredients that are going to give them a unique flavor. Garlic, as in many creations in our kitchen, is very common, despite the risk of it being too strong and stealing the spotlight from the rest of the dish. There are also those who cannot resist the charm of the onion in all dishes, although raw it can create the same problem mentioned above.

Meatballs are a perfect dish to make and to freeze and have on hand when you need it most. / Sam Moqadam/UNSPLAS

For both cases we can resort to two options. On the one hand, fry them previously, taking care that they do not burn so that they do not add a bad taste, and leaving them only poached. On the other hand, we can bet on the powdered versions of both ingredientsadding a teaspoon of both to the meat mixture in which we already have the bread and eggs.

Parsley is also advisable at this stage of preparation, as it is a condiment that will always add a very special aroma to the meatballs. The ideal is to cut it very fine, so that it releases all its flavor in the mixture. And of course, when we prepare the meat mixture, we should also add ground pepper, which always helps to make our dishes tastier.

Recommendations before frying the meatballs

Once the mixture is made, the ideal is to leave it for a couple of hours in the fridge so that it the meat absorbs all the flavors and take consistency. After this time, we will take it out of the fridge and shape the meat, preferably with our hands. We will always wash them beforehand and try to keep them wet, so that it is easier to form the meat ball.

Despite the image, it is recommended to make the meatballs in small batches, to avoid accidents. / Victor Serban/Unsplash

The size of the balls depends on the tastes of each one, but it is important to bear in mind that if they are a small size are easier, and quick, to make, since they are fried beforehand. And if we opt for a large size, the chances of them being raw, or undercooked inside, are greater.

When we have already shaped them, there are those who recommend passing them through flour, but it is not an essential step. Whether we do it or not, it is advisable to leave them for another half hour in the fridge, so that they are compacted and we do not run risks when frying them. We are aware that time is gold, also in the kitchen, and if it is not possible we can do without both time periods of rest, although they are always recommended.

How long to fry meatballs

It is time to face another of the critical steps of this preparation, when we fry the meatballs. Although everything depends on the amount that we have created, it is advisable to carry out this step in a medium or small skilletin which it will be easier for the oil to maintain its temperature and in which we can handle them more easily.

The oil must be abundant, preferably more than half of the surface of the pan, and it must be very hot. When we proceed to put the meat in the pan, we will lower the heat to a medium temperature and handle the balls with wooden spoons or forks, and not metal ones, to prevent them from crumbling.

The meatballs are also perfect to enjoy with a good plate of pasta. / Jason Leung/UNSPLASH

The we will fry between 3 and 5 minutes, giving them a couple of turns, provided that later we are going to add them to a sauce, in which they will finish cooking. If we are going to eat them alone we will add a couple of minutes to this time. And if we are not sure that we have reached the desired cooking point, we can try cutting one of them, outside the pan, to check the state of the interior. If it seems to us that it is not very well done, we will leave the rest for a couple more minutes, taking care that they do not burn on the outside.

When they are already fried, we will place them on a plate with absorbent kitchen paper, so that it collects the excess oil. When preparing the sauce with which we are going to accompany them, we can use a couple of tablespoons of the oil in which we have fried them, previously strained, to avoid impurities. And once the sauce is done, add the meatballs and cook them for fifteen minutes, covered and over medium-low heat, stirring from time to time, so that they finish cooking and the flavors meld.