Grandfather visits his beloved deceased in the cemetery for five years

This man continues to show his love for his wife, visiting her year after year at the cemetery. This is how they spend special dates together.

Last update: 27 January, 2022

The loving bond with a loved one lasts forever, even after death. Well affection and beautiful memories always remain intact in the heart.

In addition, in life the promise of always keeping a loved one present is sealed. This, because despite his absence he is still important and a source of inspiration.

This was demonstrated by a Brazilian grandfather who continued to visit his deceased wife year after year. Here are the details of this heartbreaking story.

The recurring visit of the Lord in the cemetery

The elderly gentleman lost his life partner 5 years ago. However, from that painful moment he promised her that until the end of his days he would continue to show her the loyalty and affection he always had.

For that reason, year after year he visits her recurrently in the cemetery. In addition, at that time she carries a plastic chair and sits by the grave for many hours.

That way, he keeps telling her all the experiences that happen to him on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, it is dedicated to recalling each of the most significant moments they lived together.

Photo by Ryan Icarus.

Similarly, the man continues to state that his wife is the most important person in his life. Therefore, on all special dates he decides to go visit her so that together they can accompany each other.

On the other hand, the elderly man stated that what he loved most about Christmas was being able to be with his wife. As a result of that fact, he decides to follow her 5 years ago, passing by her side.

The moment the story went viral

Ryan Icarus, a Brazilian comedian, witnessed the unconditional visits of the man year after year. Therefore, He decided to offer his heart for the man to vent.

At that moment, the grandfather told her that he was always going to visit her because with that action he felt that she perceived that she was accompanied. Besides, that complicity was the best way to assess the happiness that she had given him in life.

Photo by Ryan Icarus.

Because of this, Ryan decided to share the story on his social networks as a reflection. Well ensures that life goes very fast and, therefore, it is essential to show all the love to people day after day.

Final reflection

The affective relationship with a loved one is maintained for the rest of life. This, because although he is no longer there, their memories continue to cause tranquility and happiness.

In the same way, visits to a person who left in person are a demonstration of loyalty and unconditional love. Well, it is to make her understand that she is still taken into account in each of the circumstances.

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