Grace Villarreal's healthy and appetizing breakfast

We are used to having Grace share in her instagram publications about fashion and lifestyle, but one of her last posts has been different. The influencer has uploaded a photo of a breakfast that we loved because it is simple, complete, healthy and most appetizing, and how well it could serve as an example to include in almost any diet.

In addition, the influencer, who was a mother for the third time a few months ago, tends to take care of her diet due to this reason although after three pregnancies we can say that Grace Villarreal sports a heart attack without having to take care of herself. In fact, on her IG TV we can find some of her recipes that confirm it since they vary from hummus to pancakes or how to make a chocolate cake, and that is that she can spoil herself!

The breakfast you show us in your last post is a slice of whole wheat bread, a little turkey and crushed tomato ready to spread on toast, all this accompanied by a coffee with milk. A breakfast that we could well include within the Mediterranean diet because it gives us protein, fiber and vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron and potassium from tomatoes.

If you are not on a strict diet, you eat a healthy diet or you simply want a good breakfast, this is Grace's proposal is always a good option. "One of those breakfasts that come through the eyes, as my father says," as she says in the comment on her photo.

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