Goodbye to the myth: fasting lemon water does not help you lose weight

For years we have clung to this idea as if it were a magical potion to lose weight. But experts agree that it is nothing more than a hoax: drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach does not make you lose weight. There is no scientific study to support it. And as explained in his blog Boticaria García a while ago: "Nor increases the defenses much less debug or detoxify." And they think the same from Harvard Medical School, where they published an article dismantling the effectiveness of detox diets, including those based on lemon juice.


So why do some people say that lemon water helps you lose weight? Now that you know it's a myth, you probably ask. The answer lies, more than in the water itself, in the other habits that the person who drinks the glass tends to acquire. Normally the glass of water with lemon is accompanied by greater care of food and exercise, which is what actually results from losing weight.

Of course, although science does not endorse its slimming power, water with lemon does give us other benefits. For starters, it is a good way to hydrate as soon as we get up, something that our body appreciates after the hours of sleep in which we have not consumed fluids.


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On the other hand, lemon is a fruit rich in Vitamin C and fiber, and the latter can help improve the transit of people suffering from constipation. It also contains minerals and other vitamins (from group B and E) that can be interesting. So it is not inadvisable to stop taking it squeezed in water, although we know that its effect in terms of losing weight is simply placebo.

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