Goodbye to liquid retention: how to reduce volume

A life sedentary and one unbalanced diet (and rich in salt) may be behind fluid retention that usually affects women in times related to hormonal imbalances (menstruation, pregnancy or menopause), although circulation problems or stress can also contribute to weight gain due to this circumstance, so experts advise to see a doctor to find out if there may be a health problem behind it.

Some of the physical manifestations of fluid retention are the bags in the eyes, that the rings tighten you more than normal, that you have swollen legs or that you can fasten your size pants.

This is how liquid retention is fought

– Baby two liters of water up to date. If it is mineral water, look at its composition so that it is not rich in sodium. Remember not to exceed your water consumption because exceeding four liters a day can lead to excess fluid retention.

– The papaya and the pineapple They are anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous.

– The Red grape It is rich in tannins and antioxidants, improves the lymphatic system.

– Vegetables like the celery, the onion and the leek They help eliminate body fluids.

– Plant extracts such as ruscus, artichoke, gingko biloba, meliloto, Horsetail, Asian Twinkle, Ivy or witch hazel they will be useful to reduce the volume of your body.

– To counteract the body's sodium level and maintain fluid balance, consume foods that provide potassium such as bananas, the cantaloupe, the watermelon, the plum, the avocados, the artichokes, the tomato, the watercress, the chard and the pumpkin. In addition, the infusions Dandelion, horsetail, green tea or Asian sparkle will help you eliminate fluids.

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Practice exercise regularly. Walking daily at a good pace for a minimum of 30 minutes can be a first step. These are the best exercises to avoid fluid retention.

– Finish each shower with a jet of cold water on the legs And apply creams with vascular effect Always massaging upwards, from the ankles to the arms are two beneficial habits for proper fluid drainage.

This increases fluid retention

– If you consume food with large amounts of Salt such as salted meat, sausages, sauces, dressings, pre-cooked meals, popcorn and some cheeses, especially roquefort, you will feel more swollen.

– Also avoid sugar-rich foods as desserts, sweets and fast food, because excess glucose drags water through osmosis and favors its retention in the body.

– The consumption of excess saturated fats It favors inflammation. Thus, it is not about eliminating fats but prioritizing the consumption of those that are rich in omega 3, consuming blue fish, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and avocado.

– Carry very tight clothes It helps to block the circulation and hinders the correct expulsion of fluids from the body.

Spend too much time sitting It is harmful to your health. If you have no choice, due to the work you do, remember to get up every hour to stretch your legs. And if you work standing up, use compression stockings of at least 70 dim.

Stress and lack of sleep raise your cortisol levels, which results in increased abdominal fat and fluid retention. First of all very calm and rest. Mental and physical. Sleep a minimum of eight hours a day.

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