Goodbye to lemon water, apple cider vinegar is Miranda Kerr's infallible cleansing secret

Lemon water has been, is and we believe it will be one of the beauty tips more widespread and repeated by celebrities. If you ask a supermodel what she does to look great, her answer will be: I drink lemon water when I wake up and two liters of water a day. The rest of us mortals frowned at this information: I wish these two bases would establish the premises of the body we crave. But genetics is genetics, and although there are remedies that help (such as the mother of vinegar, which serves to lose weight and is anti-aging) to cleanse the body, without good nutrition and sport it is very difficult for magic to occur. But we do not stop trying. This what we have thought when Miranda kerr has shared his fasting detox trick, which he repeats, religiously, every morning.

In an interview with an international media, the model has confessed that she no longer drinks water with lemon, but Apple cider vinegar, "One thing I am doing lately is mixing hot water with apple cider vinegar. It becomes a digestive mix and is a good way to cleanse your body", twenty minutes later, the model prepares a kale, spinach smoothie , papaya, avocado, blueberries and a base of homemade almond milk for a total 'boost' of vitamins.

Miranda, who is focused on her beauty firm, Kora Organics and who is in love with 'wellness' prefers apple cider vinegar to lemon water if you have to choose a body scrubber for good morning, "In the past I used to start the day with hot lemon water. I realized that it is Very alkalizing and that's great. But when you need to digest food, you need to stimulate gastric juices. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is good for that. You feel like it cleanses you, "said the top in the interview.

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And Miranda is not the only one who uses this trick: Jennifer Aniston Also take apple cider vinegar every morning to stay young as it is a powerful probiotic, very beneficial to health, containing anti-aging agents that fight the signs of aging.

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