Goodbye to back pain: 4 stretches that improve your posture and prevent contractures

Bring proper posture throughout the day goes beyond sitting right through endless office hours. Unfortunately, we tend to be little aware of how we walk, sit down to eat or carry weight, and the one who pays the price for so much postural disinterest is our back that complains in pain. Almost everyone will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime And for many the contractures in their shoulders or between the shoulder blades or the punctures in the lumbar are our daily bread. But the time has come to learn how to avoid all those back pain and get it right. AND the easiest way to achieve this is through these stretches. If you do them every day you will be able to maintain a postural hygiene of 10.

1. Pelvic scale exercise (for when you spend a lot of time sitting)

The objective is to make the curvature of the spine that exists at the level of the lumbar muscles more flexible and mobile. Sitting in the chair, get as close to the edge as possible with your legs slightly spread and your hands resting on your waist.. From this position, swing your hips back and forth. Do it when you are going to spend several hours in front of the computer for five or ten minutes two or three times throughout the day: the relief is immediate.


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2. Lying stretch for the upper back area

Make a roll by rolling two towels together across the width and place it on the floor. The idea is that, lying on your back and with your legs bent, let's support the upper part of the back (the one in which there is greater curvature on the roller and from that position make the head fall backwards, but not suddenly and forcing the neck.

Adjust your back well until you feel your chest and shoulders "open" and then slowly bring your head back while you extend your arms in a cross to promote good shoulder posture. The most important thing is that while you do the stretch, the lower back does not curve, if for this you need to make the towel roll smaller and put a small pillow to support your head, go ahead.


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3. Towel spine stretch

With the same towels, make a roll by rolling them lengthwise. The idea is that, as in the previous exercise, you lie on your back with your knees bent but this time placing the elongated one lengthwise so that you support the central part of the spine on it. Rest your head on the ground without straining your neck, but rather marking a little double chin.

4. Stretching the spine in a chair

Sit on the edge of a chair that does not have a very high backrest because the idea is that you throw your back back and that the only part of your back that ends up resting on it is the upper part (the same that you have exercised in stretch 2 ). Therefore, he throws his back straight back (like Flashdance) and supports the upper part of the back with curvature on the upper edge of the backrest.. In this posture, keep your gaze straight ahead (do not throw your head back) and let your arms fall to the sides slightly apart from the trunk, so that the chest and shoulders open.

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