Goin, save automatically and without realizing it

How many times have you tried start saving? How many times have you said yes now, now that I am going to open a savings account? And in the end there is always a reason that does not allow you to reach your goal. You can't save even 1,000 euros, and you don't know what you spend or where your money is going. We know to acquire the habit of saving is not a simple task, we also know that many times salaries do not allow us, and that the rent has skyrocketed, and that we really want to go on that trip with friends … But what would happen if we told you that an app can help you Start saving without you noticing?

It doesn't work miracles, but Goin It is a safe and efficient way to learn to better manage our finances. It is a mobile application that allows you to save easily and invest without having financial knowledge. Goin, is the abbreviation of 'gain with each coin'(earns with every penny, in Spanish) and basically allows you to set goals, such as a trip or a mobile, and save to be able to acquire them in the desired timeframe, explain its founders David Riudor, Gabriel Esteban and Carlos Rodríguez.

Like everything in this digital age, you just have to download the app and connect your bank account and card to Goin. Then, the application itself will retain money as if it were a piggy bank.

The interesting thing about that "digital piggy bank", is that you have different methods to save, the app offers 3 ways to retain your money and you can choose the one you like best.

Round up

This is the easiest method to save and with which you will not even notice. This option allows that with each purchase you make the app automatically rounds the figure, so that cents or more euros are systematically diverted to a virtual piggy bank. For example, if you buy something for € 10.79, goin will add € 0.21 to your account, as if the purchase had cost you € 11.

It is a fantastic way to save, because without realizing it you are adding money.


With this method every time you enter money into your account, goin reserves a percentage that you will have set in your account. For example, every time you deposit your payroll you can ask to retain you 10%.

Auto top up

With this option you can enter money into your Goin savings account. It's like having a savings account, but digital.

And what happens when you have already managed to save what you want, how can you get it out?

"You can transfer your savings to your checking account at any time and without cost," they explain on their website. But they warn that as a general rule, you will receive the money in less than 24/72 working hours in your bank account.

But in addition to saving you can charge small fines. We explain: in the option: 'Get up at the time', you tell the app the time you have to get up and, if you don't, Goin will charge you a penalty that goes to saving.

And you can also invest your money

Investing your money is essential, it is important to start moving the money to continue generating. However, you may not know anything about investment, but this app helps you and does it for you.

The method they have selected is Crowdlending, specifically short-term investment in SMEs with a controlled risk and without complications.

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