Gochujang, the secret of the Koreans to keep the guy

The fascination for Korea is increasingly widespread among Westerners, and that is that Koreans have impeccable facial routines, a porcelain skin and a small and thin figure that makes them really adorable. Its diet has a lot to do and one of its best kept secrets is a thermogenic food that helps you lose weight and get warm: gochujang spicy pasta.

What is gochujang

It is a very common spicy paste in Korean cuisine. It is actually a fermented food based on red chili powder, that is, a burning paste that tests more tanned palates.

Gochujang has its origin in the early eighteenth century in Korea and its recipe today remains practically identical. It is traditionally made in clay containers that contain chili paste and it is left to ferment for years on stones called jangdokdae. The pasta contains, in addition to chili powder, glutinous rice, salt and fermented soybeans although there are variations in the formula and there are those who add pumpkin or barley.

Why gochujang helps you lose weight

Gochujang is as normal in the Korean diet as bread in ours can be, it is widely used and is a really healthy and tasty food. Why does it help control weight? Well, for two reasons, it is a fermented food and is a thermogenic food.

Being a fermented food has probiotic effects in the body. What this type of ingredients does is regulate the microbiota. The bacterial or microbiota flora is involved in the production of ghrelin (hunger hormone) and leptin (satiety hormone), and is directly related to fat absorption. Strengthening the microbiota with probiotic foods will help you keep your body healthier and control your weight.

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It is also a thermogenic food, this means that It has the ability to raise body temperature thus accelerating metabolism and fat burning. As you will see, gochujang is a very healthy food that helps you lose weight, a boom in Korea.

How to include gochujang in your diet

The simplest is to buy it in specialized stores or, if you are very pro, do it yourself at home. You can use gochujang to macerate meats, to digest, to flavor stews or soups and as a sauce to accompany dishes with rice, meat, prawns, noodles … It is an all-terrain paste, yes, prepare your palate because it is quite spicy although in reality it can be acquired more or less spicy since manufacturers specify the degree of spicy on the label as a rule.

You can use this hot pasta to animate some tacos, give a special touch to your hamburgers or meatloaf, textured soy or a vinaigrette for a salad, you have endless possibilities. In Korea it is widely used and is one of the most famous foods nationwide that is used in dishes as well known as bibimbap or kimchi. Do you dare to try this peculiar pasta? A new experience for your taste buds and a push in your bikini operation, all are advantages.

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