Give them back their smile: did free surgeries for kids with cleft lip

This doctor combined his knowledge with his kindness and has alleviated the affections of more than 30 thousand children. Learn about the magnificent story!

Last update: November 22, 2021

In the world there are a large number of people who are always willing to help others even if they do not receive financial remuneration. Well, its purpose is that those who need it can get ahead.

This is how Subodh Kumar Singh, a renowned cleft lip surgeon, has proven to be. This is because He has spent a large part of his career performing the operation for free on children.

His vocation began when he was in college. So much so that when he performed his first surgeries, he stated that its most important purpose would be to operate on children who could not afford to pay for treatment.

In addition, he has recognized that inspiration began from childhood. This since his family always instilled in him that it was essential to act with values ​​and be available to those who need it most.

Photo taken from the Youtube of “Smile Train”

Because of that, his work has been dedicated to his father. Well, he died when he was 13 years old, but his initiative is a faithful witness that he transmitted the best lessons to him during education.

The doctor’s work and surgeries

Subodoh has given priority to the most vulnerable people, as he is convinced that the main mission of his life is to serve others. Also, because it is clear that these people have to face many adversities and good news can ease their hearts for a moment.

To this day, the kindly plastic surgeon has been able to carry out 37 thousand operations for free. This is how it has achieved that more than 20 thousand families enjoy the beautiful smile of their children.

He has also contacted a large number of foundations to offer his help. That way, He has interacted with children globally.

Apart from this, in the last time he founded a hospital that specializes in performing operations on children who cannot pay. What’s more, has invited the foundations that care for children with cleft palate to begin to carry out the relevant treatment.

Photo taken from the Youtube of “Smile Train”

What are the plans for the future?

Despite all the accomplishments he has made, Subodoh continues to think big. Because of that, It already has around 6 thousand more surgeries planned to relieve the population that has suffered burns.

That way, These facts show that the knowledge used in favor of the community is what allows societies to evolve. Well, we work in community, everyone’s realities are understood and differences that only generate stagnation are put aside.

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