Give an international touch to your menus: lose weight by going around the world (gastronomic)

When we want to lose weight, the first thing we do is monitor our diet and Create a menu appropriate to our needs. Many times the options we find for this are limited but that does not mean that we cannot eat rich and also satisfy ourselves.


The same happens when we eat out or we have a more special event that takes us out of our routine. In many of those moments it is difficult to have a healthy menu that helps us not to skip the diet or at least not to sin too much.

Don't worry because we have the most international and original solution to innovate, both in your daily recipes and when you eat in an international restaurant. This tour of some of the most typical dishes in the world will also serve you while on a diet. Enjoy giving an international touch to your menu with the gastronomic return that we propose with ideas that others will help you in your goal of losing weight.

A tasty snack in Germany

In Germany we look at one of their most traditional snacks: the rollmops (180Kcal / 100g). They consist of a herring wrapped around a pickle. Without a doubt, an option full of flavor only suitable for daring.

Taking advantage of barbecue in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom we find a traditional dish that, not only is healthy, but is based on the use kitchen. Is the Bubble and squeak (80Kcal / 100g), a scrambled vegetable with ingredients left over from Sunday's barbecue, so it can contain potatoes, onions, cabbage, peppers, or any other vegetable we have out there!

“Blue” meat in France

In addition to wine, one of the best products in France is their meats, and luckily one of their traditional dishes, Cordon Bleu veal (215Kcal / 100g) can be part of our diet to maintain the line. And even if we choose chicken instead of veal we will lower the calories of the dish to 150!

The most vegetal face of Italy

The country of carbohydrates par excellence makes it difficult for us to choose a dish to lose weight. Looking among its classic salads we find a full of flavor: Pomodoro Salad (19Kcal / 100g). And if we want to treat ourselves, we can turn to melanin pizza with eggplants (196 calories per serving)!

They give us pumpkins in Mexico

Mexican food is one of the most we can miss when we try to lose weight, but don't worry because we have found the solution. The Squash Blossom Quesadillas (244Kcal / 100g) are the best option to continue enjoying the local cuisine based on its best vegetables.

A movie snack in the United States

The country that has imported junk food, has also made the cinema its emblem, and with the cinema come the popcorn! Yes, homemade popcorn (375Kcal / 100g) are one of the tastiest natural snacks, which provide more satiety and have much lower calories than other processed snacks.

A stroll through Beijing, China

The duck is a tasty, nutritious, low fat and full of protein meat, that's why we have chosen in our international menu to lose weight the Peking Duck (316Kcal / 100g), one of the most demanded dishes in Chinese restaurants in our country.

A warm soup in Japan

Although Japan has one of the healthiest international cuisines, it can sometimes deceive us, such as sushi. The processes that rice contains to acquire this flavor make it contain more calories than it seems. That is why this time we are left with his traditional miso soup (130Kcal for a medium cup) that besides making us warm, is delicious!

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