Gisele Bündchen has not always been careful: this is what he did before moving on to a healthy life

It seems that supermodels are the epitome of healthy living. If the 'healthy' is the new religion, the models have recently adopted this belief. Because the truth is that (although it is hard to believe), not all are characterized by their habits.

Kate Moss, the first – there is no doubt about that. But Gisele Bundchen It does not escape from this 'black' list. Yes, it seems a lie. Just by looking at pictures of the Brazilian, you would think that, since she started her career, she was a real 'realfooder'. But no. If any nutritionist read his statements, we are sure that he would throw his hands to his head. With a gesture of despair. Much despair

At 39, Gisele is great. No-ones doubt that. Although he has retired from the catwalks, he gets up at 5:30 in the morning, stretch and meditate (the truth is that we could already copy this habit because, it is proven: getting up at 5:30 guarantees you success), in addition to your yoga and sport sessions. Food is also one of its fundamental pillars: it bases its meals on seasonal fruits and vegetables, just as its personal chef has revealed and never consumes sugar, salt and white flour. Maybe that's the secret to staying great at his age (and with two children, which is said soon).

Although in the twenties, the story was different. The model suffered panic attacks and anxiety episodes due to the pace of life she led. As he has revealed to Vogue Australia, "I didn't feel I could share my panic attacks with anyone. So I suppressed my anxiety, and the more I repressed it, the bigger it became." This situation made his lifestyle worse, which caused the circle to close even more, aggravating the situation in every way. "When I stopped having a mop frappuccino coffee and four cigarettes, which was what I did just wake up, I started running." And it is that Gisele realized that he could not continue with that life. The change came little by little, it was not suddenly, "my body was so used to that life that I was shocked when I decided to change it, it took time." And he started running with the goal of "feeling his lungs" and thus quitting smoking.

For the model, a change of life was the solution, and above all, the meditation techniques that helped him to stop the panic and anxiety that he felt, "every time I climbed into an elevator, the feeling that I was going to die would invade me. I began to meditate with breathing techniques so as not to feel anxious and I realized that I felt better every day. "

A quite dark time for the model, from which she has now managed to leave successfully, but in which she continues thinking to remember the path she has traveled to get where she is: happy and with an orderly life.

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