Girl with “childhood Alzheimer’s”, says mother that she will forget how to walk and talk

Learn the story of an 11-year-old girl who suffers from “childhood Alzheimer’s”, where her mother explains that she will forget how to talk and walk as time passes.

Last update: November 10, 2021

An 11-year-old girl was diagnosed with childhood Alzheimer’s, also known as Sanfilippo Syndrome. From the moment he was diagnosed, his parents began conducting an in-depth investigation. The reason for this was to understand much more what the disease is about.

Even before she was 11 years old, Eliza O’Neill has had to experience different challenges throughout her life. He has been struggling with this disease for eight years, which is a hereditary disorder, similar to childhood dementia.

Is about a condition that has no cure, while their treatments are very expensive and do not guarantee that they will be effective.

The effects of this syndrome, as it evolves, are reflected in the child’s ability to walk and communicate, so it commits him to this. Secondly, life expectancy is much shorter, you could say that until adolescence.

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Childhood Alzheimer’s changes the life of the whole family

Eliza’s mother, Cara O’Neill, in an interview with The Sun, commented on how this disease that her daughter has has managed to the life of the family changes completely. In his statements he expresses that:

“We dress her, we change her clothes, she needs someone with her all the time. (…) He can still walk and run, which is great, but he needs constant care and assistance (…) Basically, our whole life has been an effort to deal with this disease. I quit my job, Glenn (Cara’s husband) also ”.

Due to the girl’s medical condition, Cara and Glenn made the decision to create the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation. The organization is in charge of working on the investigation and finding a complete recovery for this pathology.

It is a genetic malformation disease

According to Cara, Sanfilippo is a genetic malformation, which occurs during the child’s development. This happens because the brain has some mismatches in its connections. The mother realized that her daughter had something strange when she was only 15 months old. She stated that:

“She was lagging in her ability to speak, especially compared to her brother, who was already communicating at that age.”

Cara and Eliza began living in a child development center. There the difficulties to communicate and the level of attention that Eliza possessed could be noticed much more. After this, the little girl was diagnosed with autism. A few years later, the actual and current diagnosis was given by a geneticist.

Parent performances

Based on this analysis, the parents made the decision to resorting to experimental gene therapies. This resulted in them having to live with their daughter, completely alone, for two years. In this way, they could ensure that no one contracted a virus.

As Eliza becomes contaminated, treatment could be affected. 5% of cases of childhood dementia have solutions with therapies. However, this is a very expensive thing that most families cannot afford.

According to Dr Ineka Whiteman, who works on childhood dementia research in Australia, this treatment can cost £ 422,000 a year. In the same interview with The Sun, she explains that so far there is no cure for this, and that the treatments are responsible for acting alone on the symptoms that the child has.

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In his statements he also comments that there are 70 to 147 different types of childhood dementia. On the other hand, it also informs that in order to deal with this syndrome it is necessary that it be diagnosed as soon as possible. From the age of 5 or 6 is when the first signs, both behavioral and cognitive, begin to be seen.

That is why the recommendation that is made is that the child always be evaluated with a specialist. The best is that from small they take to the doctor to know if they have symptoms of suffering some type of disease. Childhood Alzheimer’s is not an easy thing, so try to treat your child ahead of time. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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