Ginger recipes to prevent the cold

The ginger It is one of the most used tubers when it comes to cure common colds and flu. It is a food that contains multiple benefits and if not, tell it to Paula Echevarría You take a shot of ginger every day on an empty stomach to take advantage of its properties.

It is not a food that is attractive to all palates, so we have selected some recipes with which you can introduce it in your day to day, especially if you needed some inspiration.

Ginger tea

You need:

-Boiling water



-A tablespoon of lemon

Add the sliced ​​ginger to the boiling water and let it stand for three minutes. Then, add the lemon, honey and mix thoroughly.

Ginger powder

You need:

-A ginger root

-A blender or mortar

-A glass jar for dust storage

Wash the root well and dry it in the sun for a day. Pass it through the blender until you get a fine powder. Store it in a jar to use when you need it.

Candied Ginger

You need:

-A ginger root

-Sugar or saccharin to sweeten

Wash the root in water and put it in a pot and cook it with sugar or saccharin. When done, let it dry.

Ginger in syrup

You need:

-250 gr of fresh ginger

-A liter of water

-Two cups of sugar

After cutting and peeling the ginger let it dry for a couple of days. Boil the water and dissolve the sugar. Then boil it and when the water reaches the desired texture, remove it from the heat and store it in a jar.

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