Genital cosmetic surgery: labioplasty or nymphoplasty

Cosmetic surgery of the genital area is more frequent than we might think, and not only that, but It is a practice that is on the rise. What is the reason for and what does this intervention consist of?

We talk about the cosmetic surgery or retouching of the labia minora, when they protrude excessively beyond the labia majora. And although it is called cosmetic surgery, most women who opt for this intervention do not do so to make their vulva more beautiful (which also, as you look at it), but rather for functional issues.

Let's see in greater depth what are usually the main causes of intervention, ranging from aesthetic and functional factors to hygienic ones:

Causes of genital cosmetic surgery

  • Difficulty when inserting tampons or menstrual cups.
  • Discomfort in sexual intercourse, since they can hinder or rub during penetration / intercourse.
  • Alterations of self-esteem when performing certain sexual practices. Many women who have hypertrophy report not practicing, for example, cunni-lingus, since they do not feel comfortable with their genitals in short distances.
  • Difficulty in hygiene, with the accumulation of vaginal fluids, urine …

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  • Shame to have a different vulva (this is something that many groups are working for, the visibility of the variability in the morphology and anatomy of each vulva).

What is the operation about?

It is an outpatient surgery that does not require hospital admission; In fact, it is usually done with local anesthesia or sedation. The most common is that it is done by laser or electrosurgery.

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In her, the surgeon will trim the prominent part, mainly seeking to return functionality but without removing sensitivity.

Regarding the postoperative period, it is somewhat long (about 4 weeks), since it is a wound subjected to moisture and constant rubbing. However, with the hygienic care guidelines, wound care and breathable and cotton underwear, The woman can enter her normal life within 2-4 days of the intervention.

And after the intervention, what are the results?

Every woman is unique, so her genitals are too. It is true that hypertrophy of the labia majora is not a pathology, and that its cause in most cases is unknown (although it seems that age, and hormonal factors may be involved), but it is also true that Women who have undergone these interventions report a general satisfaction with the surgery.

In the first place, because it improves their sexual life – not because the intervention has that objective, but because on a psychological level these women go from not wanting to even see or look at each other at ease with their genitals. And besides, obviously, if the cause is functional, operated women have a better quality of life, since irritations, rubs or wounds in its most intimate area can be avoided.