Garments and styles that should not be missing in your closet

Clothing is one of the elements that is most closely linked to human beings, since it is part of their appearance. As a result, there is more and more care, attention and expectation when choosing clothing. Do you know what are the clothes and styles that you should never miss? Find out in this article!

The outfits have accompanied people almost since the beginning of their existence, since they were devised from the outset with animal skins and arose to meet the need to protect themselves against climatic situations. However, with the passage of time they have also been used as a means of expression to demonstrate personality, transmit ideas and configure an identity.

In society there are different contexts and events; Due to this, it is essential to have clothes and styles to dress in the most appropriate way according to the situation that arises. This does not imply that people should have an extensive amount of clothes and go shopping frequently, but that it is important to manage a correct closet.

Why is it important to consider the clothes in our closet?

The world is very changeable and diverse; This is how the human being lives with different factors that do not allow him to always handle a single style or type of garment. That is why it is important to analyze everything that should be in the closet to always be ready, feel comfortable and not be left out.

The weather is one of those main factors to consider when organizing your closet, since the person always adapts the clothing according to the environment that is being presented to be able to leave calmly, protected and not to go through difficulties. Climatic conditions are changeable and a well-built wardrobe has to have the necessary variations.

Another of the scenarios that is essential to take into account is work. People have to consider that they have the right garments and styles to have a neat presentation according to what their company demands.

On the other hand, there are multiple activities to do in free time, such as resting, playing sports, going to a shopping center, a party or an elegant meeting. In the closet, it is important to have clothes that allow you to carry out these actions without being self-conscious.

Suits, for example, are requirements of some types of jobs that require employees to wear them.

12 clothes and styles that should not be missing in your wardrobe

In the closets it is important to have clothes that can be used on different occasions, combine easy, solve specific needs and make people feel good. Here are the clothes that should be found in a well-tailored closet.

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one. Jeans

It is a versatile article of clothing that combines with any other type of garment and it can be used without inconvenience at different times, such as going out to buy something, to eat, to a casual meeting and even attend some work scenarios that allow it.

The jeans They combine with any type of color, they are always in fashion and there are different types on the market (straight, wide, dark, light). Furthermore, they can be used satisfactorily in cold and temperate climates.

2. Black and white shirt

In the cabinets you must have yes or yes those two colors because they combine with everything. A white or black shirt can be worn with jeans, denim pants, serious pants and even skirts in the case of women. They are an option that fits for any day, activity, situation and way of dressing.

3. Simple jackets

With it you can dress in a sporty, youthful and casual way, as it can be used with all kinds of pants, t-shirt or shirt. In addition, it is not uncomfortable in temperate climates and it is important to have one for when the cold appears.

The materials of this type of jackets can be diverse: padded, leather, cotton, suede.

4. Sweatshirt

It is important to have one to play sports, train, go to parks or gyms. In addition, it is a practical garment to go for a walk on weekends and to wear around the house on those days off.

5. Blazer

It must have a blazer for those situations in which you need to be elegant or formal, such as attending work meetings. Further, can also be used in a casual pint with Jean in case you want to go to a good restaurant or have a date.

6. Full dress

There are jobs in which it is a requirement to wear a suit every day and no one is oblivious to that opportunity being presented in a new workplace. In addition, both in men and women it is important have at least one dress to attend fancy invitations like weddings and special parties.

7. Shorts, shorts or bermudas

Fundamentals to dress comfortably on summer days. In addition, they can also be used to be loose and comfortable around the house.

8. Skirts

It is a must in a woman's closet. You can go to her to dress formal and go to work, dress casual or go to a party.

It is a garment that combines with simple shirts, elegant shirts and multiple types of jackets. Therefore, it is a relief to choose whatever outfit you want to achieve.

9. Sports shoes and sneakers

They accompany the casual pints that go with Jean, give a youthful touch when paired with a formal suit and they are essential to go running or play any sport.

10. Formal shoes

They preserve the elegance that you want to convey with the suits. They are necessary when you want to look totally elegant.

11. Basic T-shirts

They can be used in all types of weather, they look good with any type of pants or shorts and, depending on the other selected garments, sporty or more elaborate styles can be formed.

12. Serious pants

They can be made of denim or material. They are ideally used to be comfortable at work or convey a sober image.

Some tips to combine and choose your clothes and styles

Knowing how to choose clothes, colors, designs, combinations and styles is essential to look good and convey what you are looking for. Here are some clarities to keep in mind.

A complete closet encompasses clothing for going out and around the house, as well as work requirements and exercise.

Use of neutral colors

White, black and gray tend to match all the others colors. Even between them they combine very well. However, it is not advisable to use black with shades that are also very dark, as it tends to be very opaque.

In the same way, white is not highly recommended to use with pastel colors, as the intention is to find a more vivid color that stands out.

Do not combine printed clothing

What is advised is to use a single stamp to avoid an overloaded image. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate it with a smooth and soft garment that helps to enhance attention.

Do not combine clothes with lines and pictures

It is not well seen that a plaid shirt meets line pants because they do not converge or transmit harmony. The combination can transmit disorder.

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The art of combining clothes and looking stylish

Some final recommendations that can be taken into account when managing a good closet and combining are the following:

  • Shoes always have to match a belt.
  • Dark colors tend to convey a more formal image.
  • You can combine formal clothes with casual to look youthful.
  • Black and white colors never hurt and they are consistent with any situation.
  • Use bright colors in the items that you want to highlight the most and subdued colors in those that less.